Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lindsey Gaymnesty??

Seems William Gheen from ALIPAC, while speaking at a TEA Party event, said that Graham is from the Larry Craig/Eric Massa side of the preference spectrum.  Gheen asserts that Graham is so pro-amnesty only because ol' Linz is worried that the pro-amnesty forces will out him if he doesn't continue to push the issue. Gheen then suggests that Graham just go ahead and admit it so they no longer have this leverage over him.  

A google search shows that this question has been being asked for a while.  I have no idea if Gheen's claim is valid.  In a conservative southern state, such an admission would almost certainly be a career-killer.  But if it is true and Graham is essentially allowing himself to be blackmailed, that would be an even bigger issue - the idea of sovereignty over our national borders all going kaflooey because one fruitball can't keep his hands out of the pickle jar is just too much for me to handle.


  1. Fruits and hands and pickles, oh my! This is exactly why the founders wanted a small government. Our culture is so inundated with government scandals that this is likely not to register as much as it should nationally.

    Small central government, less people for an influence peddler to have influence over. Grahamnesty deserves whatever he gets in this one. Good riddance to bad company.

  2. He ought to move to the San Francisco and run against Barbara Boxer. He'd kick her ass!

    Oh, how you enjoying those free-range rutabagas!

  3. Does it make any difference if Graham is gay? He's actually been a good Senator

  4. classicaliberal - yup. Too much power too far from the eyes of those who elected them.

    Odie - Actually, I don't even know what a rutabaga looks, feels, tastes or smells like. I'm guessing nasty.

    Matthew - it only matters if he's been lying about it. Some people (especially down south) are very concerned about social issues like that, and they deserve to know everything about a candidate when they're voting. As for him being a good senator, I'll differ with you. He's McCain Junior. Talking a good talk at times, like when he was reaming some of Barry's cabinet selections. But then he turns around and does contemptible RINO crap about 5 seconds later.

    There are some issues that I CAN'T and WON'T look past. Messing with gun rights and pushing amnesty are on that list. I don't care if a person is absolutely great on every other issue, mess with guns or our borders and I say up with the finger to them.

  5. @Matthew Avitabile: Saying Graham has been a good senator is like saying Kennedy was a good driver. He's a RINO flake, like 99 percent of our elected "republican" officials and he needs to go on the merits of his stupidity. I don't care who he sleeps with; I just want him out of my damned wallet.

  6. The guy's a RINO. Sexual orientation is irrelevant to the issue of amnesty, unless there is a special section of the legislation granting special rights for transgendered Mexicans.

  7. Funny. In New York City he'd be shunned for being a Republican, or at least a RHINO, and not for any alleged sexual preference.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Dipsey Grahmnesty was a poof as well.

    What an unlikable mavericky doofus.


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