Monday, March 9, 2009

So, so, sleeeepy......

Our esteemed President reveals that America's crises have left him worn-out and kinda loopy. Of course it has nothing to do with extensive partying and flying all over in his spiffy ride. It isn't jetlag or hangovers, it's just his Loving Paternal Instinct that keeps him awake at night, wondering how he can make everybody happy. His stress is my relief. No, it's not what you think - I don't wish him any harm. It's just that I was worried for a while that he was torpedoing our country on purpose. Now I feel much more confident that that is not the case. He's doing a wonderful job of torpedoing our country, so if that were indeed his goal there'd be no reason for him to lose sleep over it. If he really is losing sleep due to genuine concern, then he at least realizes how poorly everything is going. That makes him a little more human and a little less detestable... A little.

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