Monday, March 9, 2009

Dow nearing "bottom," Obama encouraged

Pundits, economists and even a few normal people have been wondering when the market will hit bottom and stop going down. Warren Buffet said today that we were very close. This is good news. Just a week or so ago he said the economy was "in shambles." Nobody really knows what a shambles is. The market is seeking clarity, and vague words like "shambles" just contribute to the increasing uncertainty. Thankfully, today Buffet said the "economy has gone over a cliff." Nothing vague about that, hallelujah! Better still - we all know that when one has gone over a cliff, one is mere moments away from finally reaching the bottom! Yay for Obama!

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  1. Well, now that the Dems have their stimupork, they can stop talking down the economy until such time that they need to pass another lobbyiest rewarding quid pro quo vote buying pork filled bill.


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