Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pheasant hunting?

I don't see too many pheasant where I am now, but they were fairly common back where I grew up. When they spot trouble coming, they lay very low and still and just try to wait it out. In tall grass, it can be VERY effective. They'll wait there as you approach until you're just about right on top of them, and then they totally freak out - loudly flapping their wings gaining altitude and speed. It is amazing how they can go from hiding to BANZAI! in a split second. And it startles the heck out of me every time it happens. The darn bird just explodes out of the ground three feet in front of me like a faulty firework going off in my face. My brief holy craparoni reaction while I swing the shotgun around gives the bird enough of a head start that the shot can be pretty challenging, and quite a few get away.

I haven't been on a bird hunt in many years, but all the political goings-on of the last few days have reminded me of those good ol' days. The stupidity coming out of DC is like a hundred pheasants all erupting at once, and in the utter chaos I'm unable to pick out a single bird to aim at. There are lots of topics for a sarcastic conservative to opine about, like AIG bonuses, Frank&Dodd, Obama wanting to make vets pay for their own medical treatment then changing his mind, diplomatic bungles with Brazil, Mexico and China. TelePrompter malfunctions. Russia declaring their intent to re-arm. Geithner just being more of his weaselly self. And even libs like Maureen Dowd and Jon Stewart criticizing The One. There are liberals and bureaucrats flailing madly everywhere I look. Who has the time to snark even half these topics?

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