Wednesday, August 10, 2011

True to my word

Per Norman Pennywise's suggestion, I have created the Official Membership Roll of the Terrible Terrifying TeaHobbit Alliance.  It appears at the top of the left column.  Which also reminds me that I need to update the rest of the blogroll.  If your blog has been dormant for a while, it risks being removed.  And you don't want that.  Being removed from the blogroll of a guy hobbit that gets about 35 hits/day would be very bad.  Like having your company de-listed on the NYSE.  Very humiliating.  So turn your blog back on and post something, K?


  1. Being new to the neighborhood, I'd like to apply for membership in Local 303.


    Diabla Peashooter

  2. I take one day off and get a lector about posting more. lol

    A great list. Now, on to Mordor!

  3. As a humble stupid fat hobbitses, I am honored.

  4. Very good to be among The Elect it is.

  5. Hey, I'm famous!

    We need to come up with an official Hobbit Brew.

  6. I'm Woodsterhobbit! Check my sidebar banner.

  7. You have reminded me that I've been TERRIBLY remiss about not updating MY blogroll, and that shall be fixed soonest.

    Well, eventually. Let's be honest.

    --N. Pennywise

    wv: imayang. AM NOT!

  8. This was such a great idea! I'm going to have to make a pithy lol sign and link to here, with my hobbit name.

    We better not be like the other unions....I refuse to beat down people, steal dues, or cause riots.


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