Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My precious terroristy hobbitses

Pictured: James Carville on New Year's Eve after a fifth of Yukon Jack.
He has nothing to do with this issue, but this post just didn't seem complete without a picture of him.
Whether you like this debt ceiling deal or not, it sure is fun to see the leftoids getting thistles in their knickers about it.  The name-calling is getting pretty intense.  We've graduated from being "teabaggers" to "hobbits" and now to "terrorists."  Which is bullhockey.  How do I know?  If I were a real terrorist, the leftards would d*mn sure be appeasing me instead of pissing me off, that's how. 

But anyway.  I'm not so upset by it.  In fact, I'm going to Yankee Doodle this thing and embrace it, just to annoy 'em further.  With that in mind, I will henceforth be known as
Innomihobbit the Impaler.
I suggest you claim your own nom d'hobbit in the comments before all the cool ones are taken.


Norman Pennywise is spreading the word.  Thank you!  He also nominates me to be the Offical Registrar of Tea Hobbit Names.  OK.  I'll do it.  I'll catalog your Hobbit Handle and defend it from interlopers.  And if you send me just three easy payments of $39.99 (+s&h) I might even send you a commemorative coin and a certificate of authenticity and some steak knives.


  1. As far as handles go just look at Woodsterman's URL.

  2. Odie - Just be sure to follow safe handling procedures for your handle!

  3. nom d'hobbit-brutalizer

  4. Can I be Manhattanwise fifth of gamgee?

    Do you remember the shire mr. Inn? It'll be spring soon.

  5. Trestin - bonus points for sounding like a terroristy hobbit.

    Ten Mile - Dave? What are you doing Dave?

    Dean_L - Oooh... Hobbitlike and defiant. Excellent.

    Infidel - Of course you can. In this world anything is possible. Hate to say it to all of you who have sweltered, but in my part of the Shire it still is springlike.

  6. Knee-jerk reax: Norman Pennywise. That's subject to change.

    I love the concept and will spread it forthwith!

  7. Buck (and others) - Nice. Y'all have a knack coming up with hobbity names. Mine is less hobbity but possibly a bit more threatening, so I think it is still decent.

    So I either have a bunch of Tolkien geeks for readers (which is cool with me) or everybody's been hitting the Encyclopedia of Arda and looking through the genealogies. 'Cuz the stuff you all are suggesting is very authentic sounding.

  8. I can't speak for the others, but the Ring Trilogy (and The Hobbit) are among the VERY few books I've read more than once.

  9. Norman sent me... it was easier than I thought:
    sitiliobrap - the snorker

  10. Call me

    Stickmy Proudfootupyerass.

    Or is that Proudfeet?

  11. Uncle Skip - Thanks for the visit. Also, congrats are in order, 'cuz "Sitiliobrap" gets exactly ZERO hits on google. Didn't think that was possible!

    Six - Threatening and hobbity. I dig it.

  12. Bunni-Hoppity Hobbit the Adorable ;-)

  13. Hereafter I shall be known in this mirthful shire (the domain of the most feared Innomihobbit the Impaler) as Danobbit the Dagger.

  14. Linking you with my latest masterpiece creation pic: http://cheezburger.com/Asset/View/5083790592


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