Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smarter than D'ohBama?

The other day over at Ace's place there was a discussion of barry's IQ.  Seems there's been some research done and there is a predictable relation between standardized test scores (like SAT or ACT)  and IQ as measured on the Standing Bidet scale.  Based on barry's ACT score, his IQ is likely 116.  Pretty respectable, but not exactly the rocket surgeon he's made out to be.

Anyway, this got me to wondering...  As a kid we took the IQ test but we never were given the results.  Probably to keep genius kids like me from gloating.  And also to keep gloating genius kids from being beaten up by the "big, strong, fast but not genius" kids.  So I googled around the Worldwide Computer and found there are numerous sites that will convert SAT or ACT to IQ.  And...


And I'm betting a lot of you do, too!  Maybe you'd like to give it a shot yourself.  But what about people who haven't taken the SAT, GRE, or ACT?  Or what if you don't remember your score?  No worries, mate.  I've come up with a simple test that is just as accurate as these highly scientificalish thingies out there on the web.

1.  Have you ever been locked out of the White House and/or mistaken a White House window for door?
  • Yes
  • No
2.  The Unites States of America is comprised of
  • 50 States
  • 50 States plus territories (like Guam and Puerto Rico) and administrative exclaves (like embassies)
  • 57 States
  • 31 Flavors
3.  A Navy Corpsman is
  • An member of the US Navy, usually assigned to medical duties
  • An undead zombie-like creature
4.  The United States possesses vast deposits of coal, natural gas and oil.  Therefore, we should
  • Save the lizards in Texas
  • Buy lots of oil from evil people
  • Drill baby, drill!


    1. Obama picks all of the wrong answers. The man can't be that smart. The man is stuck on stupid.

    2. Heh! I looked at the verification thingie and got to laughing so hard I forgot what I was going to say.

      The "word verification" I'm supposed to type in for a post about Obama actually says it all: dimother

    3. Holy crap, 147? That is the highest IQ score I have ever gotten. This test must be the rightest thing ever in the history of the world!!!

    4. I'm not too bright but I can lift heavy things. At least according to my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Corporal Punishment.

      I'm quite certain that I maxed your test so no need for me to post my answers here. You can take my word for it. Really. Have I ever lied to you?

      That should give me an IQ of 537, give or take a scoop of vanilla swirl or two.

      Hey, they don't call me Six because my favorite movie is Buckaroo Bonzai, Across The Eighth Dimension. So there.

      Wait. What was the question again? Man, I gotta lay off the cough medicine.

    5. Hey! What happened to my comment? Check your spam folder, Inno.

    6. Teresa - Every time he tries to get out of stupid he just grinds the gears

      MAX - hee. He is is one dim mother

      Paul - 147?! I bow reverently...

      Six - Nice Stripes reference.

      Buck - The only comment I have from you is on the other half of this post, after the "submit" link...

    7. I'm so confused .... Lizards are good, right?

    8. ...the other half of this post, after the "submit" link...

      Wow... TWO posts in one! Who'd a thunk it? And this all goes to show it's easy to cheat on IQ tests.

    9. I took a few of those tests, it's weird stuff like arranging shapes. I did not do so well, yet on other test I score high.

    10. B-b-b-b-but Dana Milbank and every other MSM mouth breather says St. Bambi is a soopurr jeanyus!

    11. I actually know what my school IQ test results were. I was smart enough to sneak a peek at my file when the secretary left me alone in the office.

      And if Obama was only 116, how the hell did he get into Harvard? I got two bits more than he did, and Northwestern Law spit in my eye. I only made it into UW-Madison because I live in Wisconsin.

      F'n affirmative action...

    12. Yippeee I'm a genius. Isn't there 39 flavors?


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