Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bin Laden Went Down to Pakistan

OK, the blog has been neglected lately. I hope this (at least partially) makes up for it. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I don't mind country music, but I don't really count myself a fan. But to me this song has always ROCKED!

I started this a few days ago before barry & the boys started changing their story. So it is no longer as "historically accurate" as it was the day OBL's death was announced.

Feel free to link and/or embed a copy if you like this. Also, it is my first youtube so please lemme know if it misbehaves.

Some parts of the song Charlie sings like a friggin' auctioneer and I can't really keep up. Written lyrics below for those who can't understand my mushmouth.

Bin Laden went to Pakistan, fear he was startin' to feel
He was in a bind, had to hide his behind, Americans pursuin' him with zeal.
Then he came across some Navy SEALs in a chopper, comin' in hot.
Bin Laden jumped behind a girl and said "Oh crap, I've been caught!"

"Now I may have failing kidneys, but I'm a rifle shooter, too
"And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll shoot it out with you.
"Now you have a pretty good rifle, boy, but give Allah his due:
"Convert or die, whore infidel!  Akbar allahu!"

The SEALs said: "We're here for you Osama, there's no way that you can win
"Tonight you die, you sonvabitch, 'cuz we're the best there's ever been!"

Johnny's magazine is full, pilot pulls up hard.
Hell's broke loose in Pakistan, Bin Laden's drawn death card.
He can't win, he'll get no Paradise or gold
But when he loses, the devil gets his soul.

The SEALs flicked their safeties off and said "time to start this show."
And fire flew from their barrel tips, Bin Laden felt the blows.
Osama gathered himself one last time and made an evil hiss.
Then a few more SEALs joined in and it sounded something like this:
[simulated combat]
With Osama finished, Johnny said: "Now you're dead, oh, Bin Laden.
"That big hole in your skull, right there, thats' how SEALs git-r-done!"

Fire in the compound, jihadis run.
Bin Laden's brain's out in the shining sun.
Chopper sets down, hurry up let's go
"Casualties?  Any wounded?"
"No, sir, no."

The hole in his head proved to all that he'd been beat.
Deep red blood pooled on the ground around the SEALs' feet.
"My soul is now in the fire, I know not what to do
"For I find out too much late that Allah is a Joooooooo!"

Fire in the compound, jihadis run.
Bin Laden's brain's out in the shining sun.
Chopper sets down, hurry up let's go
"Casualties?  Any wounded?"
"No, sir, no."


  1. Good job!!

    Just so you understand Inno, there will be nothing histrically accurate about this, ever.

  2. Always liked Charlie.

    Good first effort.

    And - what Christopher said.

  3. Works for me, but I am from the east side so bear wit me.

    Or to say it more emphatically, If they "F" with us take 'em out in what eva country they is in.

    Yah dun good!

  4. I like it Inno! You did good.

  5. LOL, nice. I especially liked the "echo" effect you added in post. Or did you record that part in a hallway?

  6. Christopher - Thanks. This story is going to have as many versions as there are people telling the story.

    MAX - Thanks. I'm glad I can make a youtube easy, as it makes a good place to park my audio files and be easily accessed by my readers. When I tried to use a flash audio player it only worked in some browsers but I think youtube is pretty much universally supported.

    amanofwonder - you aren't "nuanced" enough for the Willamette Valley. That's for sure. :)

    Randy, WHT, Buck, stopsign - I thank each of ya muchly.

    TMI - I borrowed some backup sound gear from the church. The mixer I used has a number of cool reverb/echo/delay effects.

  7. "Bin laden jumps behind a girl and says "Oh crap! I've been caught!", LMAO!

  8. You made up for inattention to your blogging public.

  9. Good job.
    'bout says it all in the song.

  10. Good Job Inno. Now get over ta YouTube and spiff up your channel.

  11. Yep. perty funny, o nameless one!

  12. This whole event stunk from "go". The timing, the announcement, the quick Muslim burial, the victory laps from the White House, and Obama's complete lack of dignity and humility in the last nine days makes me sick to my stomach.
    And they call anyone who dares to disbelieve a racist conservative right wing nut.
    Take a look at this blog and tell me who the racists are.

  13. BOISBS - just how many blogs did you spam that same comment on?


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