Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Q&A

You, the new guy in the back.  What's your question?

[WH Spokesman Carney] "New guy in the back.  What's your nametag say?  What?  What the hell kind of name is I'm-not-an-anus?"

[me] "Actually, it's 'innominatus.'  Close enough.  A question and a follow up."

[Carney] "Go ahead"

[me] "Thank you.  In light of the cowardly obstructionism and juvenile behavior by the fleebaggers in Wisconsin and Indiana, how will you convince the American people that the coming government shutdown isn't just more of the same democrat theatrics?"

[Carney] "Buuuhhhh...  Koch brothers.  Starving kids... ummm....  Social Security..."

[me] "I see.  The Republicans are sneaky, spineless weasels."

[Carney] "Finally, we agree on something"

[me] "Getting a political buttwhuppin' is humiliating.  Won't getting a political buttwhuppin' from a bunch of sneaky, spineless weasels be, like, doubly humiliating?"

[Carney, looking around] "Oh, I get it.  This is some kind of belated April Fools thing.  Who let you in here, anyway?"


  1. Keerful dude, they have closets to take care of those who might ask trouble making questions.

  2. I'm pretty sure Carney is a fop.

    Inno, would it not be aces up to get credentials??? You're not an anus?

    Good to know...

  3. I must come clean. I was I who left the door ajar.

  4. Were you taken out and beaten up right after this?

  5. Glad to hear that you're not an anus. That must do wonders for the self esteem.


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