Monday, March 8, 2010

Screwed again!

Man, barry and his crew piss me off. Late last week I finally had an idea for an original post.  I worked on it a little over the weekend and even figured on publishing it later today...

The gist of the story, I double-pinky-promise, was that the dem leadership is so desperate to pass a healthcare overhaul that they'd even make deals with the devil.    It was supposed to be kinda like this:  Nancy was b'ing at Harry Reid and an exasperated Harry said he'd sell his soul just to get his supermajority back.  The devil then appears and takes Harry up on the offer, but Harry had second thoughts because the devil's offer for Reid's tiny, dried-out soul was so low.  Then barry said "hey, if Harry won't sell his soul, I'll sell Harry's soul." They share a good laugh and Biden jokes about getting new soulless supervillain costumes and calling themselves the tAxis of Evil.  But then the devil grows frustrated with them and tells them he has to head down to Georgia for a rematch with Johnny.  He says the pitiful combined value of their meager souls just wasn't worth the hassle.

Anyway, there was more.  You know, the usual dialog and stuff.  Some puns and such.  But then this morning, what do I find on Drudge?

Yep, that bastage Rahm Emanuel stepped all over my post. Not content to merely tax the money right outta my wallet, now he thinks he can also steal my thunder - selfishly jacking my very words right out of my mouth.  What else, Rahm?  Wanna kick my dog while you're at it?  Maybe take the last donut?  Use all the hot water when it's my turn for a shower?  Have you any shame at all, stealing the only idea this struggling blogger has come up with in weeks?  A pox on you and all your Chicago thug brethren!


  1. I with you, innoman.

    Now you know why I've pretty much stayed away from satire and gone with straight snark. 1)You just can't make the stuff that's happening up; and 2)The made up stuff, right, just doesn't come off as funny, or at least preposterous, as the real stuff.

  2. Hey, at least he didn't face you naked in the shower.

  3. Maybe Rahm is reading your mind
    and thinking of you naked

  4. Matt, I need to take a shower, now! shudder

    Innominatus, ol' buddy, you need to think some happy thoughts about Obams and O'Rahms resigning and stuff...maybe then they would pre-empt THAT post, and then, well, you'd be a national hero!

    A hero with no name. I like it.

  5. You want me maybe rough Drudge up? He'll never steal your thunder again.

  6. Snarky - the clown act in the White House is hard to top.

    Woodsterman - Rahm tries that on me, he'll be missing another finger.

    Matthew - or just looking at all my photoshoots on

    aA - I'll get right to work! With that in mind, maybe I should also do a post about Pelosi jumping in a volcano.

    Infidel - yeah, let's show this guy how we do things downtown!

  7. I think avoiding him anywhere near a shower is top priority at this point, regardless of who gets the most hot water. You don't want to be the one who winds up in it -- the hot water, I mean.


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