Friday, March 19, 2010

My Dem Congressman is a "NO"

Democrat Pete DeFazio is my representative.  He is pretty far left in a lot of ways, especially on environmental issues.  But he is good on 2A stuff and that goes a long way in my book.  He's actually a really good fit for the people that live in this district - it's really darn blue (ugh) with a little tinge of "leave me the heck alone."  For these reasons he always wins by huge margins.  Today he announced he is a firm "NO" on barrycare.  His rationale for opposing it are far different from mine, but hey, a no is a no at this point.

Though our politics don't agree, I really don't mind the guy that much.  Lefty or not, he is not an obnoxious jerk like Grayson or a freak like David Wu (who thinks there were Klingons in the White House).  I think DeFazio is stubborn (and principled) enough to stick with his no vote.  So I'm off to write him a thank-you email...

PS - This was my 300th post.  Yay for me!!


  1. I'm right there with you. A no vote is a no vote. We'll take any good news no matter whether its for a different reason or not.

  2. I agree as well, at this point, we should take any help we can get.

  3. I wish us all good luck with your prediction.

  4. Thank him for me, too. I'm pretty sure our Joseph Cao will stick to his "no" on the one-issue abortion deal, which is okay. I guess sometimes we need to be grateful for one-issue do-gooders.

    But only sometimes.

  5. Yeah, a 'no' vote on this is probably worth a one or two yes votes on relatively minor stuff later on. Also, good for you for writing him a thank-you note. Good behavior will only be repeated if it is rewarded.

  6. The invertebrate slug reverted to form. I'm not a phrenologist but really, one glance at his photo tells you all you really need to know.

  7. The weasels that swapped votes for empty paper-promises are the worst kind of idiots.

    I wonder how long it will be before all of the (we) poor shlubs that are out of work are carted off to jail for not being able to pay the fine for not being able to pay for crappy hell care.


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