Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put me on a milk carton

Missing:  one blogger's sense of humor.  Sense of Humor last seen with Creativity and Enthusiasm in seedy part of town, talking to a swarthy weirdo driving a beat-up van with dark fabric over the windows.

No cops.  No questions asked.  Just want my sense of humor back unharmed.

PS - This is not a cry for help.  Just letting my small but devoted band of readers know that I'm busy and been fighting an achy cold which leaves me with a whole lot of nuttin' to write about.  Also, please don't suggest that I just get away from the internet for a while.  As if.  That would be like telling a fish to stay dry. Or telling Barry to lay off the menthols.  Or telling Pelosi to take it easy on the deficit spending. Or telling my dog not to fart.  Not gon' do it, wouldn't be prudent...

Which reminds me, the other day I was browning up some meat to go in the spaghetti sauce.  Chance the Bloodweiler knows how far he can come into the kitchen without being yelled at.  He was really pushing that limit, hoping I'd drop something.  As I leaned over the stove, Chance let rip with a BIG human-sounding airbomb.  It was loud enough to startle me a bit, so my head instinctively swiveled around.  Turns out he was in the middle of a giant gaping yawn at the same time, so when I turned around it looked like he was doing some really goofy clown grin.  I laughed so hard I nearly burned the beef.  Then I gave him some.


  1. what good are our pets, if not to amuse us.

    You know global warming causes colds. Al said so.

  2. we know you're in there somewhere. feel better soon. and don't trust anybody who drives a van. at least not one like that.

  3. By any chance, was the van down by the river? Just askin!

  4. You need to read what you write ... you haven't lost it.

  5. Sorry to hear it Inn. Get well soon.

  6. Infidel - amuse us, and bark at imaginary possums in the backyard at 3am.

    labcat - the funny thing is I used to have a beat-up, primered Astro van that pretty much met my own description.

    Matt - yeah, and my dog kept cutting the government cheese!

    Odie - Thanks. I'm not saying I can't write anymore. More like, I can't think of anything worth writing about.

    KingShamus - Just saw that you aren't 100% either. I think we all need a long weekend.

  7. I hear Obama's dog is learning how to hold his chin up and look down his nose at everyone.

  8. THat is the funniest story about your pooch.
    I know How you feel, I think it's going around. We are SO busy and have too much to attend to off the computer...but we'll always carve out some time.
    I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  9. "I laughed so hard I nearly burned the beef." That's not a euphemism is it?


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