Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Barry humiliating plane ride

[Obama] "So, Dennis, what do you think of my spiffy ride?"

[Congressman Kucinich] "It's quite nice, Mr. President."

[Obama] "So what would it take to get you to switch from 'nay' to 'yea'?"

[Kucinich] "Well, as a principled progressive, that is not negotiable.  If you and Harry and Nancy, with these huge majorities, can't even come up with a bill that contains a public option, then I'm not going to help you.  I will not settle for this present bill.  It is corporate welfare for the insurance companies."

[Obama] "That's partially true, but we intend to use it as a framework for going whole-hog single-payer in the near future."

[Kucinich] "Actually, in the near future most of us Dems are going to be unemployed.  No deal, Howie."

[Obama] "OK, how about this:  I use a few billion of the leftover TARP money to get you some shin implants.  You'll finally be able to look your wife in the eye without having to stand on a cord of firewood."

[Kucinich, looking out window of AF1] "Actually, Mr. President, I've come to accept my appearance.  I know I pretty much look like a smurf that got mixed in with the white laundry and bleached, but I'm pretty comfortable with that now."

[Obama] "Personally, I think it would make me suicidal to look as dorky as you.  But that is a whole 'nother topic, best left for another day.  Tell me what's your price."

[Kucinich] "Sir, I reiterate that I am not for sale.  That's that." [to attendant] "Which way to the restroom?"

[attendant] "End of the aisle, on the right."

[Kucinich] "Thank you.  Excuse me, Mr. President."

From the area of the restroom is heard a blood-curdling scream, Congressman Kucinich comes running back with his pants around his ankles.

[Kucinich] "Mr. President!  I really need to do a number 2, but Rahm Emanuel is in the adjacent shower.  Naked!  And he says he's going to poke me!"

[Obama] "So, Dennis...  care to rethink your vote on barrycare?  The way I see it, is you can change your vote and I order Rahm to knock it off.  Or, you can go in there and take your chances.  Or, you can try to hold it until we land.  I'll have you know that Air Force 1 has extra fuel capacity that allows us to stay in the air for hoursssssss aaaand hourrrrsssss."

[Kucinich] "OK! OK!  I'll vote for your lame-o, crappy, barely-even-socialist watered-down junk bill!"

[Obama] "Excelllllllent!"


  1. Will they call this the pokarohma?

  2. At least we have an accurate account of what was said--now available on your blog for all to read!

  3. I'm going to have nightmares. I can't even jump in the shower without my shotgun now.

  4. That is really degrading. hen the Prez has to take one of the most eccentric (for which, read "moonbat crazy") second-string Congressmen for a ride in the Imperial Aeroplane (at what cost to the taxpayer?), the bottom of the barrel is being well and truly scraped.

  5. Now we know the real reason!
    I'm going to have nightmares, too.

  6. Matt - I just hope they don't call it the end of our republic.

    LL - Glad to be of service

    J_Bomb - Rahm is everywhere! Trust No one!

    ZZ - Barry effortlessly invents new ways of being scuzzy.

    Amusing Bunni - Eat something really spicy just before bed. That'll give your brain other things to worry about.


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