Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foreign relations improvements

 Legions of Indonesians taking to the streets to celebrate

In the midst of roiling tensions over hellcare reform, the Obama administration scored a much-needed foreign relations victory today.  In announcing a postponement of his trip to Indonesia, the pResident instantaneously improved his standing with the people of the populous Pacific-rim nation.  "We live in dread your loser pResident come visit us" said Asin Lampung in broken English.  "Now we revel in reprieve until June.  By June the mosquito more active and maybe scare Obama away for long time so we no have deal with him."

Local shopkeeper Lampung Bandeng bucked the trend and was seen moping about in the business district.  When asked why, he said "For many month I go to Obama statue and collect spoor of pigeon.  I store the spoor in old shoe which prepare for throw at jug-eared apostate Obama.  Now Obama no come to my country until June and I have shoe full of...  What to do?  I no want keep shoe until June.  Nor want start over and get more spoor."  His face suddenly brightening, he exclaimed with a smile "I deem shoe already thrown!  Yes!  I deem shoe thrown and spoor passed over face of apostate liar! Yay!"

Administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity say that Obama publicly showing his face neither to foreign countries nor at domestic campaign events appears to be a winning issue.


  1. The Indonesian people seem to be far more astute than the US voters, who propelled Barack Hussein Obama into office.

    He attended Muslim school there and they must consider him a type of apostate since he embraced Rev. Wright's Black Liberation Theology, which teaches hatred against Asian people every bit as much as it teaches its adherents to hate white people.

  2. Can we breed some of those Indonesian mosquitoes with our south Louisiana "West Nile" variety before he heads over there in June?

  3. LL - I didn't know BLT had a problem with Asians, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    Moogie - Dunno. Sounds like the beginning of a bad horror movie. Maybe we should just ship barry to somewhere just west of the Nile.

  4. Oh honorable Obama ... I get shoe ready for you.


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