Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rocket on trial

Shown in Yankee colors instead of Red Sox so Manhattan Infidel doesn't kill me

Brought up on charges for lying to Congress?  Are you for real?  ARE YOU FREAKIN' SERIOUS?  You will never encounter a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the US Congress.  If I try hard enough, I can think of maybe 3 or 4 individuals in that entire body who aren't themselves deserving of long prison terms.  The rest of them are chronic lying bastages whom I loathe.  If they were dying of thirst, I'd deny them even the sweat from 'twixt my cheeks.  Yeah, those cheeks.

Now they've got their panties Depends in a bunch over a retired baseball player who may have juiced a dozen years ago, and whether he was honest in his testimony about it?  Really?  When was the last time any one of these sheetstains in Congress was honest about anything?  Congress lies to us, they lie to the press, and they lie to each other.  BS is their native language.  You'd think they'd be flattered that Mr. Clemens bothered to learn their local tongue.  But no, they want to charge him with garbage that could possibly lead to 30 YEARS IN PRISON. 

Y'all should be thankful that I don't have comic book superpowers, 'cuz I really want to drop a giant boulder on Congress right now.  Grrr.
Disclaimer:  I am not a Clemens fan.  Neither am I a Roger hater.  It's just that he never played on any teams I give a crap about, so to me he's always just been a good pitcher.  No more, no less.


  1. We of the Yankee Nation always suspected St. Roger was on steroids. Yes, the fact that his head was larger than when he was a rookie was strictly due to his exercise program. But he did go a good deed when he beaned Mike "Pretty Boy" Piazza.

    Lying to congress? Congress is just jealous. Lying is their exclusive domain and those outside of congress who lie better be prepared for the consequences.

    As for showing him in a Yankee uniform. I appreciate it. Red Sox colors have been known to give me seizures.

  2. Talk about a scapegoat. Let's not focus on what Barry's allowing to happen to this country, let's instead go after a baseball player on allegations of lying to Congress over possible steroid use. That's way more critical. Nothing like that annoying BP/Gulf Oil Spill debacle or AZ's illegal invasion. IN fact I think Barry and his wife need to take more vacations. They work so hard...at ruining this country.

  3. I'm trying to keep the blood pressure in rein on this one, pondering just why the heck Congress has any interest in baseball. I know that baseball is exempt from antitrust laws, so this must be another commerce clause-ish song and dance to get Congress's grubby snouts into yet another arena where they have no business going.

    I'm with Red -- the first couple needs to go on another vacation. Permanently. Without primetime media coverage.

  4. I'm torn on this. Had he just said that he didn't have sex with that woman, he would have been golden. However, had he spoke of weapons of mass destruction, he would have been a terrible liar.

  5. Is it really a crime to lie to liars?

  6. Inno, I just checked in to read the comments, not planning to comment.

    The point of your post is spot on. The majority of Congressrats lie when the truth would benefit them. It's in their DNA.

    But, the bigger issue with me is the stupidity of Clemens. He didn't even have to testify. He wanted to go in there and deny what everyone with a lick of sense knows to be true.

    Guys like Clemens astound me. Really. I'm like...take your millions, keep your trap shut, and go live out your life like you want to. But NOOOOOOOO...Clemens has to step in it voluntarily. The crazy thing is that jerks like Roger think that a denial of the obvious from their sainted lips will settle the issue once and for all.

    It was all about the Hall of Fame. With the cloud over him, he might not make it...probably wouldn't. Clemens violated the first rule of holes.

  7. Late comment, but I have to say: Don't we want them on steroids? I mean, we pay good money to watch them perform athletics. I want them huge, I want the ball thrown 105 mph, I want it hit out of the stadium, I want an 8 second 100 meter...just kidding, I'm against it.

    As ridiculous as the charges against Clemons are, he deserves it. He should have NEVER GONE BEFORE CONGRESS. If MLB would have refused (yah right), then the issue of Congress's granstanding would have been exposed. Instead, he played the game, and lost. Go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

    I would really like to see somebody refuse Congress' subpoenas on a matter like this, and see what they do. Shine a light on the dark side!

  8. I'm REALLY a late commentor, but I had to say that, while not being a Roger fan nor hater either, he is a big, dumb lug with a great arm. Kinda arrogant, too, to be "testifyin'" in front of the Congressianals and all.

    But seeing Waxman up there, pounding the gavel and pointing that repulsive schnoz of his at poor Rocket, I could have punched him in the face with a truck. I also was called to mind the comments you posted about ol' Waxy a couple of years ago. I still laugh about that.

    Congress getting charged up about base-a-boll with steroids coursing thru its collective veins is just so ridiculous. Why don't they get really brave and talk about pro wrestlers, to their faces. Or actually mor appropriately to their solar plexus, cuz that's where the girly mens would stand next to the giants of the WWF. I'd kinda pay to see that matchup.


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