Monday, August 16, 2010

Mosque-Ow on the Hudson

Sorry about the bad movie pun.  I've been hesitant to chime in on this issue because I like to find news items I can have a little fun with, but there is nothing at all funny about the Ground Zero Mosque.  At least  now JammieWearingFool is reporting that the mooselimbs are feeling the heat and starting to reconsider.  So maybe there'll be a bright side to this story after all. 

pic linked from King Shamus
This problem has been simmering ever since the muzzies anounced their intention to build on the site of the old Burlington Coat Factory, shown above in red.  That building was actually damaged in the 9-11 attack and could rightfully be considered part of Ground Zero.  But no amount of fussing by us xenophobe redneck Zionist haters would deter these guys.  Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of the highly enlightened dismissed our complaints.  Then barry did what barry does - he stepped in this pile and started tracking it around on the White House carpet.  Suddenly this became a hot topic, and useful for conservatives to campaign on it.  Gee, all of a sudden the muzzies might want to backtrack?  Now?  How interesssting, the timing of all this!  Makes one wonder what's really going on.  Are the mooselimbs actually getting a clue?  Are the mooselimbs just showing the cowardice that typify a bully when confronted?  Is a certain pResident burning the phone lines between DC and NY, trying to get these guys to back off, and thereby getting that pResident's butt out of a sling?

I dunno.  But I'm increasingly confident this abomination will not be built.


  1. I can't imagine that the Teamsters would be inclined to deliver building materials on time or that the union construction crews would want to build in a timely way, however my faith may be misplaced.

    Barry won't want to take the heat and I'm sure he's worming his way around an escape route for a no-win on the politics of the 911 Victory Mosque.

    It may not be built.

    However those who cheered its construction need to re-boot their hard drives if they feel that supporting this sort of insensitive cr@p plays well to Americans.

  2. My vote? This is today's "The police acted stupidly" moment without opportunity for a beer summit.

    If the Emperor has sicced Rahmmy Boy on the issue, it just might slither away to a different part of lower Manhattan. And that would be a good thing indeed. There are some passionate folks out there with explosives, and I would truly hate to see one of them be moved to demonstrate his expertise.

  3. As a resident of Manhattan I hope this abomination is never built. Of course if it is built, hopefully it'll blow up. Faulty wiring, a spark. Just saying. And hopefully it'll take out lots of Muslims in the process.

  4. thanks for sharing INNO...your voice is needed too!

  5. This really seems up in the air. When I got home from work, Memorandum has a story about the head of hamas saying that it had to be built, and the next story was about it not being built. We'll have to see which way it goes.

  6. It's just lots of back and forth with barry boy calling everyone to try and save his but. I don't believe anything they say. We'll have to wait and see.

    I love how you put things Inno, ie. the pantload stepping in it and tracking all over the WH carpet,

  7. Dude, thanks for the linkage Inn. I appreciate it.

    I'd love to be as confident as you are that this thing doesn't get built. Something tells me the Left and the Islamic fundies (but I repeat myself) really need this thing done. They have to rub our noses in it.

  8. I hope you're right, too. If this much buzz about it NOT getting built is starting, there may be hope. On Rush yesterday, a muslim was talking about how it would just invite hatred and violence, that no actual muslims live in the actual area and how their money would be better spent someplace else.

    I also agree with LL, I don't see the union boyz being much help to the perpertra--ah, DEVELOPERS of this "project".

    The pResident is typically obsfucating until somebody makes an actual decision. Heck, even Harry Reid made a statement!

  9. This cannot be built-- it's an affront to all of us.


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