Monday, August 9, 2010

Michelle ruined her vacation!

I'm so mad!  I could... folks, please excuse my potty mouth, but I'm #@*&$ mad!  All my life I've wanted to go to Spain and the island of Majorca.  As you can probably guess just from looking at me, I'm a lifelong Democrat.  I even #@*&$ donated to #@*&$ Obama's campaign a couple years ago! 

So after my husband left me, I re-fi'd the house to get me a bunch of #@*&$ cash.  After that, like any good Democrat, I just told the #@*&$ bank to go ahead and #@*&$ try to evict me!  I ain't #@*&$ paid them a dime since, and that's goin' on a #@*&$ year now!  So I figured the time was right to finally go on a #@*&$ vacation.  I took my #@*&$ granddaughter and went to Spain, expecting to have a great #@*&$ time.

But noooooooooooooo....  Michelle and her #@*&$ entourage was there.  Everywhere I tried to go, the #@*&$ Secret Service had everything blocked off.  And I'll be #@*&$ if I could find a buffet anywhere in the whole #@*&$ country that Michelle hadn't just finished cleaning out!  #@*&$ !! 

When I wanted to take my granddaughter sunbathing down on the beach (you should see me in a #@*&$ bikini!) the lifeguard said "Be careful, there are reports of a tropical depression" I didn't realize he was talking about the dent that Michelle's #@*&$ butt left in the sand!  I barely climbed out of that sinkhole alive!  So all I got to show for this "once in a #@*&$ lifetime" trip is this stupid mug I bought at the airport.  Let my finger show you just how I feel about you now!  Next time around, I'm #@*&$ voting for Ron Paul!


  1. What a fabulous post!

    Michelle does seem to show off her gluttony in an unavoidable manner.

  2. Bitch bitch bitch!... (that's what they were chanting in Marbella)

  3. HA! Good one! Poor old woman, didn't realize that "hopeless" is even closer to the truth than "change" was!

    I hope nobody gets cut with them teeth she's sportin'.

  4. Well, you stupid &^*%%$, we wouldn't be in this F%$#$&% mess if you hadn't F**&^%%$ voted for F*&##$@ Obama!

  5. I understand the Andalusians, er, the Spanish are afraid that Michelle's Boob Belts might be used as lethal weapons.

  6. It's a shame 'Chelly Antoinette didn't go to Basque territory, or run with the bulls. She'd have felt right at home sporting that all-white outfit with a red boob belt. If 'Chelly and entourage went north, Granny could've seen her own vacay plan come to fruition. Granny'll just have to try again after Stimulus II steamrolls down the pike.


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