Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the winner is...

...Amusing Bunni, the innomipoint champion!

Quite a few people participated, and I appreciate that.  Christopher, King Shamus, Moogie and Red put in particularly strong efforts in the finale.  But Amusing Bunni had built up a lead that proved insurmountable.  Classicaliberal didn't participate in the finale, but was able to coast into second with the points built up previously.  aA earned himself a podium finish by coming in third. 

Amusing Bunni (prophetically?) said months ago "If I win, don't send me a prize.  Instead give it to a local animal charity."  So sometime in the next few days I'll head down to Heartland Humane Society (the shelter where I got Chance the Wondermutt) to give them $20 in Amusing Bunni's name.  I haven't seen hide nor hair of Classicaliberal for a while.  Hopefully he'll start posting again soon and we can negotiate an appropriate 2nd Place prize.  aA has earned something for himself, too.  Probably a keychain with an innominatus logo on it or something like that.

Thanks again to all participants.  Give yourselves a round of applause and please observe safe gun handling rules when partaking of your celebratory gunfire!


  1. There's always next year!

    The true winner appears to be the animal shelter. Good plan.

  2. I guess I missed that one, Inno.


    It's okay, though. I always come in last place on every contest anyway.


  3. Congratulations to Amusing Bunni! For You have shown great restraint by not posting the first 5 or 6 messages here rubbing the "also-rans" noses in the dust of second-and-lower-place.

    I feel honored to have just been nominated, I'd like to thank the Academy and my Dad, for showing me how to shoot randomly in a safe manner, my former employer for their ill treatment of me thus making my crappy third place finish seem like something to crow about...my dogs for shedding everywhere, and most of all for our buddy Innominatus for coming up with this contest.

    Really, it was fun while it lasted, and if the animals benefit, we all win!

    I can't wait for my keychain...or bullet casing with the Innominatus logo! Prefer .45 but will go as low as .40...

  4. I've been MIA due to the heat the last few days!
    This wonderful news has really perked me up!

    I'm very happy to win this great honor, and I'm glad my prophetic musing came true! I am very happy to support such a nice Animal Shelter. Thanks nice of you to bring it down there in person, Inno. If it's the same place you got your doggie, that's a great gift too!

    I will try to behave with all my celebratory shooting!

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone! I'm happy for the Animals.

  5. Congrats Bunni, it's well deserved.


  6. Thank you for the props and the linkage, Inn.

    I still think your Riddle of the Sphincts is blogarrific awesomeness.

  7. Had I known about your contest, I'd have gotten in. Congrats to Bunni though. She deserves it.

  8. Contest? What!? I missed a contest?!
    Congratulations Bunni!

  9. Thanks so much, everyone, much appreciated.
    Inno deserves all the credit for thinking up his great and fun questions.


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