Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogwar: V-P Day

ANOTHER UPDATE:  We're at or near a point in this nonsense where feelings are going to be hurt.  I'm done.  And my dog just pulled an entire (*@#$ crab off the counter and ate it shell and all.  I can't see how that passes through him safely.  I'm in no financial position to do anything drastic if there is a problem, and future daughter-in-law didn't bother to tell me until about it until 5 hours after-the-fact.  So I'm pretty well PO'd and not interested in continuing this.

UPDATE: Most blogs support gravatar images, and if you see something inane with my name on it but doesn't have a gravatar of Chance the Wondermutt running on the beach, you know it is phony.
Stuff that was below the fold deleted.  I'm done.


  1. you think you're soooooooooo funny!! This will NOT be the last post on this, I GUARANTEE IT! Because when you see what IIIIII can dish out, you won't be able to HELP YOURSELF by blogging in retaliation!!

    Inno followers- if this is what he does to his PASTOR'S WIFE- what does he do to his followers???? hmmmmmm??? WATCH YOUR BACKS!!!

  2. I'm sooooooo scared! People, if I don't post anything for a long time, it is because I'm so ascared o' Patti that I won't come out from under my blanket!

  3. Mr. Super Geek, you are awesome. I don't like reading about baby spit and moldy stuff either.

    I think Inno is fine, and we don't have to watch our backs.

  4. the fun thing about MY BWMD's never know where they hit.


  5. Hey Patti,

    Please do because Inno has me LOL about this 'situation'.

    If you can top Innos' humor then have at it as the rest of us enjoy a good laugh now and again.

  6. oh well, I have hunted unsuccessfully for a photo on my new computer of inno that i could tweak. Soooo, instead I had fun leaving comments all over the blogosphere from "him"...teehee!!

    Beware however- I have my phone/camera and will make sure to get a good candid shot of him tonight at church...

    stay tuned!!

  7. Inno: I'm on your side, buddy! Wisdom is the better part of valor. And, it's wise not to mess with a preacher's wife.

    Trust me. I know. I used to be married to one. I'm still married to her, mind you...she's just not a preacher's wife anymore.

    But, you still don't mess with her.

    Just sayin'...

    Pooch will be okay. You ought to see all the junk my hounds have passed. Not pretty, but their systems are pretty dang tough. Normally if they can swallow it, they can finish it off.

  8. Inn:

    Patti asked me to follow her. Should I inundate her with Wham! lyrics?

  9. Inno, I got one of those crappy fake comments, and I figured it was a troll, so they are blocked forever on my comment thingy.

    I hope Chance will be OK. Maybe look on vet web sites for some other food to feed him that will make all the bad stuff "come out" faster.

    These back & forth blog war things never turn out well ESP. if you actually know the person, so I'd be done w/ it all if I was you too. You are too nice and smart to sink to that level. It's childish and unbecoming of esp. a pastor's wife. You are better than that. There, I've given my 2 cents, for what it's worth. I'm on YOUR side, Inno. I know you'd never leave such a stupid comment.

  10. Andy, Amusing Bunni - it's all in fun. There's no beef between Patti and I. But I have some fairly "rowdy" followers and I was starting to worry that one of them might say something hurtful without realizing we're just goofing around.

    Infidel - Nobody like Wham! But if somebody really needs to be subjected at a Wham! slam of lyrics, better her than me!

  11. The pup should be fine.

    You, on the other hand . . . .

  12. All I can say is that I am glad I am in Texas.

    We have unbearable heat, giant mosquitoes and the Houston Texans, but I still wouldn't want to tangle with the likes of The Patti; Evil Schoolmarm"! Down here, the pastors' wives just get drunk on tequila and fresca then knife fight in the parking lot. They don't blog.

    Thank God!

    Also, I hope yer dog gets "passed" this crustaceanal bump in the road.

  13. ...and the humidity. How could I forget the insane humidity down here.

    Still, better than the danger you're in.

    Vaya con Dios, mi amigo!

  14. Moogie - so far, dog shows no ill effects. Me, on the other hand...

    aA - Fresca could make just about anybody irritable. And I just heard that Houston might have the first summer in memory without ever reaching 100 degrees. We had 101 on Saturday. It may be hot here, but at least we don't have to deal with the Houston Texans.

  15. John...geesh, your followers don't know REAL fun when they see it!! Thanks for staging our fake blog war with me- you gained a few followers and so do I ;) Hope your poochy is all better soon :( I haven't forgotten I owe you cookies. You certainly earned them after your weekend.
    To all Inno's followers- John and his wife Jody were some of the very first people to come into our church- they are as loyal and true as the day is long. Don't let his snarly, sarcastic swagger fool ya- the guy is a sap underneath all that guise:)
    See ya Wednesday Inno!!

  16. Dear John,

    Nyuk! Now we know that your real name is John Innominatus.

    Tell Patti not to be putting out too much of your personal information on the worldwide computer. That could be kinda' dangerous.

    Just sayin'...

  17. Glad it's all in fun, but I agree with
    Andy, icksnay on the names say!

    I'm glad Chance is feeling ok.


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