Thursday, August 19, 2010

Technology sucks!!!1!

Got a bunch of (supposedly) cool new gear in the shop.  But now the network is FUBAR, the laser won't talk to its PC, the sublimation printer puts down so much black ink that it bleeds and I'm trying not to cuss.  I have some ideas to post but they'll have to wait.

For now all I can do is remind you that Ringo is slightly less annoying than the other Beatles. 


  1. Ringo is only slightly less annoying because he's a bit more stupid -- but he lived longer, which makes me wonder how stupid he really is. He's made about $1 billion by beating on drums poorly.

  2. Ringo's no Pete Best.

    And I blame your technology problems on George W. Bush. It's always his fault.

  3. While I cannot make a comment on Ringo, I must agree with the infidel. All unfortunate circumstances are due to Bush.

    I do not comment on Ringo because I cannot stand the Beatles.


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