Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One month to KICKOFF!

September 4th...September 4th...  I think I can make it 30 more days...

My Beavs start the season on the 4th against the TCU Horndogs at Jerry Jones' billion-dollar playpen ostentatious show of wealth Coyboy Stadium.  ESPN has already started the hype (sigh).  The pointyheaded sportswriters are saying my Beavers should compete for the Pac-10 title and maybe end up in the Rose Bowl.  If that's true, it'll be their best season in my lifetime, with the possible exception of the 41-9 stomping of Neutered Dame in the Fiesta about 10 years ago and a #4 ranking at the end of that season.

Unfortunately, non-conference road games early in the season have been BAD NEWS in Beaverland for years.  Perhaps there's an LSU fan reading this who remembers how my Beavs CHOKED down there a few years ago on several missed PAT kicks.  That's the kind of thing that happens.  Either that or somebody like Cincinnati makes us look like 8th graders.  Heck, most years the Midsoutheastern Kentucky Academy of Swine Herdsmanship would give us trouble if they were the first game on the schedule.  That's 'cuz we're famous for slow starts.  Then when we're just about written off, we go on about a 7 game win streak and end up in a middlin'-level bowl game and a ranking in the low 20s. 

So, what can I do differently this year?  What can I do (that isn't a felony :) to prevent another embarrassing, "make me want to drink hemlock" first-road-game faceplant? 


  1. Aint much to celebrate in terms of college football here in the northeast. The closest we have to a powerhouse is Penn State and they are more midwest than northeast.

    Oh well, I'll dutifully root for notre dame and thank god that I will be spared any sideline profile shots of Charlie Weiss.

  2. Infidel - Just a few days ago I got a new widescreen monitor for work. I can finally see a profile of Weiss without having to scroll horizontally - and then they go and hire a guy who's only somewhat overweight. Totally unfair!

  3. This year you need to wear your underwear on the outside of your pants and your socks on the outside of your shoes/boots.

    I really only care about Texas A&M vs the university of texas (lovingly referred to by the Aggies as tu). Aggies quite often lose, but they give a fell of a hight and when they DO win, it's a big deal.

  4. See, now don't you wish you were a Sun Devils fan like me? We're picked to finish second to last so our hopes are already dashed.

  5. aA - Chicks dig me, 'cuz I rarely wear underwear. And when I do, it's usually superhero-themed and worn outside my jeans. So far that hasn't helped much. Maybe the socks are the missing ingredient!

    JBomb - I (literally) almost cried when Coach Erickson packed bags and went to Tempe. So I have little sympathy to offer right now. :)

  6. Inno, TCU is going to be a tough game...for anybody.

    I'd consider poisoning their Gatorade.

    Just a thought.

  7. Uh-oh. Andy and I already get into it over Razorbacks v. LSU.

    I have a new son-in-law who was a frat boy at TCU, so I suppose I have to root for the 'Frogs (unless they're playing the Hogs). Now it looks as if I'll have to get into it with you, too.

    I LOVE football season!!!!!!! See you (virtually) at JerryWorld!


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