Thursday, August 26, 2010

TIME Magazine laments negativity towards Muslims

Time magazine has an article up about a wave of anti-mooselimb activity (!!!) sweeping the nation. They manage to cite three (3) instances: the cabbie getting stabbied (by a lib, it appears); "vandals" tacking up two small handwritten cardboard signs on a mosque in California; and finally, this guy:
Last night, a drunk man barged into a Queens mosque and shouted anti-Muslim slurs at the congregation during the nightly Tarawee prayers. He then proceeded to urinate on the prayer rugs and gave congregants the finger. Two men managed to subdue him and call 911.
They offer no other details about the guy, which in itself is somewhat telling.  If the perp were a Republican, conservative, Tea Partier, veteran, etc, that would be the headline so I think it's a pretty good bet that he is none of those.  I do not condone his alleged doings.  Crass and tasteless.  Funny as heck, too.  So I mean "crass and tasteless" in only the most "Ha ha! More, please!" sense of the phrase.

And curiosity is killing me. I just gotta know what was going through rugpisser's mind - to walk right into a mosque and do something like that?  Dude, it's a friggin' MOSQUE, not a Pacifist Quaker Family Center!!  Furthermore, dude, how are you even able to walk at all, with cojones that are so grande?  Please, please let more details be forthcoming!


  1. I think it may have been my 3 yo Jackson...he does that kind of thing all the time around here..

  2. ..the rug-peeing I mean. Possibly the anti-muslim slurs as well, but not the finger. At least I don't think so...

  3. SO the headline will be "Three Year Old Racist Islamophobic Tea-Party Fascist Commits A Hate Crime"

  4. Cajones! Cajones! Unfortunately the self-loathing leftist who did this hilarious act will now need witness protection.

    Or he can go on MSNBC and claim that Glenn Beck put him up to it.

  5. Actually, Frank J. claims it was just a really drunk guy who didn't know where he was, no hate crime prosecution as of yet (whew!) check it out of you want.


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