Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reader Personality Profile

Question 1:
When putting on your shoes, do you:
  1. Put on one shoe, then the other, and then tie the laces?
  2. Put on one shoe, tie its laces, then repeat for the other foot?
  3. Not Applicable.  I'm gay so I only wear loafers.
  4. Other.  Specify _____________
Question 2:
If you answered "1" above, do you tie the laces on shoe....

"My fellow Americans, I am pleased to report that the ecoterrorist holding hostages at the Discovery Channel does not appear to have any ties to Islam.  Whew! Finally!  Let me be clear, not all terrorists are muslims.  We are all equally capable of freaking out and attacking random people for various reasons, and adherents to the Religion of Peace are no more prone to it than any other group in our society.  So just shut up about my administration's handling of the Gitmo trials, the Ground Zero Mosque, the Ft. Hood shooter, etc, etc.  Any one of us could snap under all the pressure we're feeling after 8 years of failed Bush policies.  So quit being so hard on muslims and get back to trying to find a job, and I'll see you at the golf course.  Tootles!"


  1. Well, okay. This time it isn't an adherent to the religion of peace, but it is an enviro-nazi. Sooooo, now we can start making more fun of them and blaming it all on O's big push for green jobs and windmills.

    Maybe this isn't so bad aftr all.

    One shoe, tie, other shoe, tie. Re-tie them both because they're too tight. Take them both off and put on flip-flops.

  2. One shoe, tie and then other shoe, tie. He forgot to add, all pRESIDENTS are terrorists, and not happy until the American way of life is destroyed.

    This was a great one my man. You had me laughing pretty hard.

  3. He doesn't wear shoes, or loafers, he wears flip flops.
    Funny stuff, Inno.

    When he did wear lace up shoes, he tied both laces together and fell on his face, so that's why he's lace less for now.

  4. They've already started the liberal spin. CBS is talking about the gunman's "passionate cause."

    That passionate cause would be killing all human life on this planet. But I suppose that's a green policy.

  5. MoogieP - He's a raging Canuck! Seal the northern border! Did you hear Mark Steyn on Rush today, talking about windmill-powered wheelchair ramps? Awesome...

    Odie - I laugh at your stuff all the time. 'Bout time I return the favor, eh?

    Bunni - luckily his overinflated ego cushioned his fall.

    Infidel - Wow. Genocide is now OK, as long as one is "passionate" about it? Hitler and Pol Pot are indignant.

  6. Look I tried to kill a lot of people, but once again the Man held us all back. Just like he's holding back the all the pretty plants and cuddly animals!

    See you in hell, you Earth-killing milk-suckers!

  7. As for the quiz, I think he does whatever the teleprompter, or George Soros, says.

  8. King Shooter - Some day I'll die and become fertilizer. 'Til then, well [middle finger] And I think it means I'm officially a Big Time blogger now that I've had my first sockpuppet!

    Matt - Soros? Is that why barry has a Hungarian accent when he reads from the prompter?

    TMI - shout out? Oh! Congrats on the flamin' pudding cup at Ace!!

  9. Nyuk! Applause, Inno. Take a bow.

  10. Great Reader raffed out roud on that one too!!!

  11. Inno, hahahahahah... no, I meant from President Shout-Out to his peeps!

    But thanks just the same to my original reader (you)!

  12. Look, he was obviously an old, angry white TEA Partier- just like Big Sis warned us to be on the lookout for.

    Must be wearing a mask, I’m not fooled for a minute!

    Default: Booooooooosh’s fault!!!

  13. Late to the game here but my answer:
    Put on one shoe, tie its laces, then repeat for the other foot.

    On November 2, 2010 it will be slightly different inasmuch it will be boots and then placing them on the necks of liberals.


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