Thursday, July 22, 2010

Innomipoint Finale: Riddle of the Sphincts!!

Finally!  It's done!  Scoring will be mainly based on the riddle answers.  Dropping comments that explain your reasoning at various points may lead to points, too.  There are some blatant pop-culture and computer geek references, and some other little messages that are kind of hidden.  Pointing them out will be worth some bonus points, too, but it'll mostly come down to the riddle answers.  Have fun, and I REALLY, REALLY hope all the links work right.

You'll probably die a lot.  That's OK.  Just hit your back button or start over!  As usual, if you're a newbie and want to play catch-up, hit the "innomipoint contest" in the labels part of the right-hand column and play along.


  1. Oh, by the way, you're probably going to die a lot. Don't be to upset. It happens to everybody sooner or later. Just hit the "back" button on your browser.

  2. UPDATE: So far, Matthew from Jumping in Pools and Christopher from Conservative Perspective have successfully reached the end.

  3. OMG, Those guys must not have jobs! Wait, I don't have a job, where DO I spend my time?

    I am so far behind on Innomipoint that I fear I will fade into obscurity with naught but a ripple on the surface of the innerloop.

    Dang. I gotta catch up.

  4. aA, I do indeed have a job, it is just when I start something I finish it and at this hour I found it quite intersesting and fun.

    Thanks Inno!

  5. King Shamus has also reached the finish line.

    Tho' it looks like nobody's figured out the mysterious black rectangles yet...

  6. I die alot every day I wake up and Obummer is still the pResident....he's not a sphinct, he's a sphincter, and one colossal pain in the ASS!

  7. Seriously, I tried to retrace my steps just to see what would happen and I couldn't do it. I died over and over again.

    This is a great idea, Inn. Massterful work, mi amigo.

  8. UPDATE:
    Red has used her magnetic corndog to navigate the maze of twisty passages all the way to completion!

    Thank you, also King Shamus for the props and the linkage.

  9. I think I'm still hopelessly lost. Dang, man -- do you ever sleep?!?!


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