Sunday, July 25, 2010

More inboxy goodness

These pics come from a friend from church.  I don't know these guys, nor do I know the story behind the deer.  Pretty neat pix, though, ain't they?  Click to McBiggieSize.


  1. Nice! We here in the Detroit are had (yes had) a population (100+) of Fallow Dear (Reindeer) on Belle Isle, a small island park in the Detroit River but have been since removed?

    They were an example of what you show here and an education to those who might never know,,sad.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, too cute. Did your friend take Bambi home as a pet?

  3. Obviously the deer represents the goodness of socialism and how it overcomes the evil capitalist hunter.

  4. Inno, I'm thinkin' that this must be the easiest pickings ever for Venison Sausage, or stew in the history of the planet.

    The only thing missing was Thumper, and the skunk dealie (Flower, maybe).

    Man, in my wildest dreams I can not dream of having fresh Venison close enough to strangle. Actually I have. But, I couldn't bring myself to strangle it...just shot it clear through the big old floppy ears, and made sure that it was dead by four more through the cranium.

    This is "Beat up on Innominatus week isn't it?"

  5. Christopher - I didn't know there were dear on Belle Isle. Isn't there also a racetrack there? I remember watching some races from somewhere around there, and when the helicopter camera panned back one could see that it was in a beautiful place.

    Red - Ain't it?

    Amusing Bunni - These pics got forwarded to me and I don't know who the guys are. They may have left the deer there, taken it as a pet or made it into a sandwich.

    Infidel - I thought the deer was cute but now I want to shoot it!

    Andy - No kidding! Young and tender, too! :) A friend of mine once had a deer in his backyard, so he went and fetched his bow. As he drew down on the deer, it walked right up to about 4' from him. Then he decided not to shoot 'cuz it wasn't season, didn't have tags, etc, etc. PS - every week is beat up on inno week.

    WHT - I agree. I just want to hug the little guy.

  6. Actually, the deer is acting as a representative for the trout population, who has endured centuries of cruel treatment by the humans.

    Yes, the deer is there to negotiate/distract the fisherman. Also waiting in the wings is a Kodiak bear (one that takes pictures with an outdated film camera) who is hoping that negotiations break down at which time the deer will give the high sign, the bear will stow his camera, then charge the angler at 35 mph with his jaws agape ready to devour said fisherman with a soft heart and a supressed taste for fresh venison squab.

    I dunno, that's just how I see it.

  7. Cute baby, but he'll grow up to be just another rat with antlers. I vote for venison stew a few months hence.

    You gotta wonder why he was so willing to associate with humankind. Maybe the bear DID hire him.

  8. Cool pics, Inn!


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