Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Need to build my conservative cred

The other day Reaganite Republican linked up a questionnaire.  The answers go into some kind of calculathingy and end up on a 2-axis graph of political leanings.  In the authoritarian/libertarian axis, I was just barely libertarian - pretty much right on the line.  The other axis is a more traditional left-right.  Of course I ended up on the right.  But not far right.  Not NEARLY far enough right.  I need to do some things to enhance my rightedness.  The first things to pop into my mind were to shoot some terrorists and buy some stocks.  I know that would help, but what else should I do?  I'm desperate.  I'll take any suggestions you can offer, and put them immediately into action!


  1. You needs to aks yourself.

    Do I have enough guns, and enough ammunition for them all?

    Do I truly believe there is a market for everything, and it will clear at the optimal price?

    Have I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into my life?

  2. Gordon - Enough guns? As long as my gun safe will still close, I guess the answer is no. Market for everything? Umm, I believe in the market to set the proper price for a commodity. 'Cept commemorative Obama plates. Supply so exceeds demand that they're less than worthless. Jesus? Yup, and gladly.

    PS: I've been diggin' on your southern Oregon photography lately.

  3. I must have been a little confused. I shot some stock and bought some terrorists.

  4. Hey man, I came in the middle of the right spectrum too- I'm OK with city trams and some public art, lol

    I'm righty were it counts, tho- NUKE IRAN NOW, go get em Bibi

    I'd have been more embarassed to come out near Ron Paul at the far libertarian bottom of the chart- bad influence on the party except in issues of finance, imo

  5. Post some pictures of hot conservative chicks.


  6. You can never go wrong posting pictures of babes and bazookas. Preferably the pictures should show the babes holding and firing the bazookas at an al-Qaeda camp. Even better? If the babe is shooting the bazooka at an al-Qaeda camp...without getting a UN Security Council resolution or a Department of Justice go-ahead authorizing the strike.

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  7. Ditto on the Durand pics. (Reason no comments there?)

    Looked at the questions on the "test" and decided they were loaded. I mean, San Francisco brownie loaded.

  8. You could kick out Michael Steele and run the RNC if the Draft Sarah Palin option doesn't work.

  9. Infidel - Obama has a czar position available for you.

    RR - publicly funded murals on the sides of buses depicting a mushroom cloud over Tehran. I'm cool with that.

    Andy, King Shamus - Good idea. I could use a little more traffic.

    OG - Be sure to follow the official City of SF Pot Brownie recipe and chase it with some soy milk.

    Amusing Bunni - If I were in charge of the RNC, uh, um... Let's just say there'd be a lot of RINO carcasses to clean up.

  10. Well, if you wanted to go psycho right, you could club a baby seal...

    Seriously though, I came in about middle of the right as well. It did freak me out that Bush was to the right of me, but I got over it.

    Come to think about it, didn't you do a post about a ring tone a few days back?

  11. Please consider that the designer of that thing could CONCEIVABLY be inexact :) You're plenty worries.

    But if you need some help being a crazy right wing fascist corpratist xionist baby lover, do the following, all at the same time: eat a steak while smoking cigars inside of an SUV using leaded gasoline derived from BP, on your way to the voting booth to vote for Glenn Beck. That should do it.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I think Candle has the right idea, but there is a surprising lack of bacon in there.

    I have no suggestions that do not involve guns or bacon.

    I do know that if you know how much ammo you have, you ain't got enough.


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