Monday, July 19, 2010

The much anticipated beat up innominatus open thread

Yeah, I missed my self-imposed deadline.  I'm only about a 1/3 of the way done, but there is some "framework" now that'll help me wrap it up.  What I wanted to do through some clever programming has proved futile, so I'm reduced to a blunt-force method of publishing about 30 posts all at once to get the same effect.  The weather over the weekend was just too nice to sit in front of the 'puter as long as it would have taken to make the deadline.  Ah, well.  Here's a thread you can give me a digital beatdown if you so choose. Oh, and a few other little random things that don't quite rate posts of their own.


I'm officially done listening to Savage.  Wish I had good enough reception at work to have more choices, so I told the local affiliate that I'm done and will instead listen to music.  The "banned in Britain" thing has been boring as heck for a long time, but then making light of Glenn Beck's eye problems is a deal-breaker.  Finis.


So I put it on the oldies station.  They played an ELO song.  I never before realized how much ELO was just a bunch of wanna-be Beatles.  One batch of Beatles is more than enough, K?


I was roughhousing with the dogs on Saturday and the big boy doggie headbutted right in the eyebrow area.  Felt like being punched.  I don't bruise easily so there wasn't much visible damage.  But IT HURT!  And it still hurts!  Yes, I'm whining!  It's what I do!


  1. Take your time Inno, it's too hot out, and nice weather other places to sit by the computer.

    I hope your eyebrow is feeling better.

  2. I am so with you with Savage; I long ago grew weary of him telling us how smart he is, but the Banned in Britain is too much. I have missed him berate Glenn Back.

    I like ELO, but yes, Jeff Lynne is heavily inspired by the BEEtles. I like the Beatles, too, but one of them isplenty.

    I hope your whine-inducing injury makes better. Nothing like being clanked buy a big dog. Their heads are sohard!

  3. ELO is alright. They were like the Beatles but weirder.

    I told Husband a long time ago not to listen to Savage. That is way too much anger there. What does it accomplish other than to keep one in a permanent state of agitation. And kicking someone when they are down(Glen)? Not cool. I'm no fan of Weepy the Clown at this point but Savage is played out.

  4. I left Savage when he did the Playboy interview. To listen to him rant all the time about the evil of pornography and then do an interview with Playboy was too much.

  5. Savage is too damn angry. He seems to be okay half the time and off the wall the other half.

  6. I was never much of a Savage fan, but I suppose he has a purpose.

    I listen to Mark Levin whenever I can.

  7. Did poow widduw Inno get a boo boo?

    Hey, I'm late to the beat down, so I'll just say "You suck, Inno! Really, really, really suck. If I had a sock full of pennies handy, I'd make sure the bruises WOULD show up."

    As to Savage, I don't know if our local talk stations even carry him any more. One that did had him on in the evening when I never listen to radio anyway. My oldest son (who had never been much interested in politics before) was stationed at Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA for two years. He is a Chinese Linguist in the USAF.

    He started listening to Savage, and really got turned on to politics (in a good way). So, I'm grateful for that. But, what I've heard of him myself pretty well turns me off.

    Pal, enjoy the weather. There will be plenty of time for blog junk when it turns rotten on ya'.

  8. deadline shmeadline. take it easy.

    let's see how can i beat up innom? i know, i'll get out my frog gig and poke him repeatedly with it cause he disrespected Skynyrd. ;)

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again - having a life does cut down on opportunity to blog. That's why I have sealed myself in a concrete bunker with only chicken soup, bottled water and a TV (but the TV is only for watching the Yankees).

    I highly recommend it. Helps the blogging.

  10. I had enjoyed listening to 860 KPAM out of Portland...until they changed their line-up and the shows I listened to migrated to an AM station I can't receive at the beach.

    But I did find KTTH in Seattle.

    Glenn Beck, El Rushbo, Michael Medved and David Boze.

    Check out the podcast.

  11. Amusing Bunni - you're so nice, you don't even know how to be mean, do you?

    aA - I can live with (and even laugh with) people who berate others for having stupid politics, bad taste, etc. Saying Beck is a "hemorrhoid with eyes" and then saying "if he loses his eyes, then what is he?" is lame. It is neither funny nor instructive.

    Red - Personally I don't mind the anger. I kinda dig it when he gets all agitated about illegals. But that's about all he's good for anymore and that isn't enough for me.

    Trestin - That too. Besides the hypocrisy was the fact that he just went on and on and on about it.

    Matthew - Agreed. Especially since so much of his anger is directed at people who are basically "on our side."

    kingshamus - I don't know of a broadcast station around here that carries him. In fact I've heard very little of him but what I have heard I've liked.

    Andy - That's the spirit!

    labcat - frog gig??? Man, some of you southerners are weird! :)

    Infidel - Except for the wife telling me to "get off the computer for a minute and help me clean this @#(*)!@ concrete bunker!"

    OG - I sometimes listen to KPAM's feed for sports on the weekends but at work it's been a little too M-m-m-ax Headroom when the network gets busy. I don't know David Boze - I'll have to check him out.

    WHT - maybe they need to up the dosage on my meds!

  12. Hey Inno! I live to serve.

    Hey man, you may have seen this. But if not, "Big Peace" (which I am recommending to everyone to put on their feed reader) ran this piece about Savage being banned in Britain.

    That is all.

  13. Andy - Thanks. I feel that what the Brits have done is just flat wrong. It is an injustice that ought to be reversed. But I grew tired of Savage talking about it pretty much daily.

  14. I actually heard Savages rant on Beck. I'n not the biggest Beck fan, but he has educated millions, so you can't take that away from him. I usually don't listen to Savage, but the wife asked me to go to the store and pick up a few things, and he was on. He kept calling Beck a "hemorrhoid with eyes."

    I don't know what he has against Beck, but when the guy does get banned from the UK, and NONE of the other big talkers (at least that I have heard) talk about it. I makes you wonder if Dr. Savage has burned some bridges.


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