Friday, July 9, 2010

Moonbat psychosis

Ever wonder what happens when moonbat psychosis goes untreated?  You get nonsense like this.  This happened yesterday in a town a couple hours' drive east of me.  Occasional innominatus reader Jadefellow lives out that way - I shoulda asked him to go videotape the "event."

Anyway, Canada Geese are superabundant around here.  When they fly south for the winter, they consider Oregon "south" and come here in great numbers.  Many overstay their visas and stay year-round.  Unfortunately they are LOUD (honk! honk!) and poop a lot.  You've probably heard the cliché "like s___ through a goose" right?  Yeah.  Wisdom to be found in that phrase.  I've heard these guys drop as much as 1.25 lbs apiece EACH DAY.  My old boss had a pond (guessin' about 2 acres - decent sized body of water) on his land.  The goosedoo messed up the pH of the pond such that all the bluegill and just about everything else in the pond died.  Except the algae, which went bucknutty and totally took over.  These birds are basically noisy airborne poo factories.  If Ahmadinejad had them, we'd accuse him of using biological weapons.  And like I said, they are very common around here.  Killing the ones in the park IS NOT A TRAGEDY! 

I just wish I was at the memorial to witness the moonbat blubberings over the dead geese.  I'm envisioning something of a cross between Rainbow Dude and that Mourning Forest Hippies vid.  "It was so sad to see a goose led to the gas chamber.  Just like Hitler and the Jews.  Save the Joose!  Or is it Jeese?  I'm so confused, let's burn patchoulli in an offering to Gaia!"

Anyway, such is life in the Northwest...


  1. Awwww goose poop.

    I check up onna you purt near ever day but either I cain't figger out what youz talkin bout or y'all said all the funny stuff in yah blog.

    Yep it's bad in Bendova town(they's way to lib down south), the pretty little parks along the Deschutes River no longer have green grass to spread a blanky and take a nap. You'd think you wus on Mt. Bachelor during the middle of winter, white as the driven snows.

    Dang the world has gone crazy with bird brains like the ones in Bend.

    Wez gunna hafta hook up soon. The last born is headed to George Fox to play baseball in September. I'll git us box seats with our names on em, "Funny Guy" and "Funny Looking Guy", you can choose first where to sit.

  2. Newberg's a pretty short hop from here in Cowvallis. I'm up for that.

  3. Moogie - they gassed them. Carbon Monoxide, I'm hearing. And the meat did find it's way to a homeless shelter/soup kitchen kind of place.

  4. Psychosis sounds about right. I still laugh when reminded about the Hippie Mourning folks. Somehow, their tears brought me great joy.

  5. Damn those racists humans! Don't they know all geese life is sacred? Why isn't pResident Zero suing the state to stop these racist killings?

    Seriously though. WTF? I guess they don't subscribe to human exceptionalism.

  6. Well, sure, and the fact they were killing poor illegals that migrated in for a better life, makes them worse than Arizona!

    Wait, maybe Arizona should do the same thing! Up to and including the distribution of the meat to homeless shelters! THAT would raise their Republican Cred!

  7. I am glad to hear the meat went to good use.

    We also have the same dilema here in the Detroit Metro area with Canadian Geese and what a frickin mess they make!

    Culling occurs here as well in our metro parks and the cries from the libs is deafening,but alas they go on deaf ears thank God.

  8. This is why the world laughs at us. Not even Euro trash is this stupid.

  9. If only we could bomb hippies with CO2.

    Whoops, did I say that out loud?

  10. Oh snap, I didn't notice you linked to me. Thanks, Inn. I appreciate it!

  11. Y'all are CRUEL! ALL OF YOU!

    Geese are people, too!

    Dang, I wish I could dump a pound plus a day!

    Just sayin'...

    Inno, I was sitting on the patio yesterday and heard a loud "PLOP" on the Rubbermaid deck box deal that I keep my junk in. I was sitting about four inches from it in a chair, and it startled me.

    The danged "whateverflyingthingitwas" missed me by "this much."

    Seriously, it pains me that erect homo sapiens can feel such pain for gassed gooses, and not see the trees for the forest.

    Sorry for how that came out. I'm working here on two hours of sleep in the last long while.

    But, I'm sure you know what I mean, Senor!

  12. THey should go to Washington and use the CO2 gas there for all the demoCRAP politicians, starting with you know who lst. I sure would NOT be crying then, Inno.


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