Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tune played today on Lars Larson

I think the freepers had this first, then I heard it today on Lars.  Good subject matter, decent song and video.  But I dunno about the twinkly techno/synth sound.  I say remix with a howling guitar, gain/drive/volume all turned up to 11 and let it rip.  That would be my new Favoritest Song Ever.


  1. Wow. Double WoW! Great song, great vid, although I agree with your assessment of the mix; The Innominatus version would be great live.

    I guess all add the third "wow"; purty gal, too!

  2. Yeah, the music itself sucks! I was waiting for some kid with a glow stick to come dancing by me as I listened. She's pretty hot, give her a guitar, and put some flames or even better, an explosion in the video... Damn that would be sweet!

  3. Hey Inno, Yea I posted this as well but I agree with your idea on how to spice it up a bit!!!!

    We think in similar terms.

  4. I had it at my place too. I love it !


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