Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP is evil yanqui capitalist corporation!

A guest editorial by Pepe.

Hello, my name is Pepe and I am a loyal citizen of glorious People's Socialist Democratic Glorious Communist Nation of Cuba.  Every día I go with my faithful proletariat mongel dog, Lupe, to glorious People's beach to gather up the tárbols left from the BP spill.  These tárbols have very much uses to me.  One time I put tárbol in deeferential of '53 Studebaker and the deeferential stop with that squeaking noise.  You know that noise, the one like Fran Drescher being electrocuted?  , that noise gone now.  Also, since the gas utility in glorious People's Socialist land of Cuba so unreliable, I use the tárbol on fire to cook the glorious socialist taro paste at mealtime.  With tárbol, first time I eat the taro paste without the nausea ever since la revolución.

Now the glorious socialist newspaper report that the BP has plugged the d*mn hole and soon no more tárbols for Pepe.  And you yanquis always wonder why so many the people hate you.  The evil yanqui corporations always try to screw over the poor humble proletariat man like Pepe.  That is why. 

Meester Obama, unplug that hole!


  1. So is this is what happens to a blogger when they are going thru cookie withdrawls?

    Hope you neva git another cookie the rest of yo life, you'z one funny feller when the pink elephants are rampaging.

  2. Don't worry Pepe! You have the greatest system of socialized medicine in the world!


  4. Well, maybe the Obeyme regime will listen to Pepe! It's maybe not so bad to have tarbols flooting around the ochen.

    Maybe he will take his boot off the throat of BP to help his friends in Cuba.

    And then he'll drink a tàrbol mojito.

    This is very funny, by the way!

  5. lol, It's probably closer to the truth than we think.

  6. Nyuk! Inno, thanks for the chuckle this am. google account isn't signed in to comment. What's up with that? You didn't stick any tárbols in the scizzamajig did ya'?

    Dang! I'm not even sure I can remember my password. It always signs in automatically. This is weird. Lemme see...what was it...ummm...oh yeah!

    Hey, there's no "subscribe to follow up comments box here. I always subscribe.

    You got some tárbols clogging up something here. Just sayin'...

  7. I can subscribe. That was weird.

  8. I'm going to add this to a new feature on my blog, this Thursday


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