Thursday, July 15, 2010

COMING SOON! - Innomipoint wrap up: Riddle of the Sphincts

A long time ago I started a little pseudo-trivia contest.  I figured that I'd post some questions every few days for a month or two and then declare a winner, who would receive a yet-to-be determined prize.  Prolly a $20 gift card or something along those lines.  Well, the dreaded Triumvirate of Procrastination, Busyness & Indifference means I've never gotten around to finishing.  What I have in mind has turned out to be quite a challenge to create.  It might not be all that funny or educational, but what I'm working on for you  HAS NEVER BEEN DONE ON A BLOG!!!  At least on none that I've ever read.  Seriously.  It should be genuinely unique.

Since I've taken so long to do this, a lot of the more recent readers I've acquired lately (thanks!) probably have no idea what I'm talking about.  If you wanna play catch-up, click the "innomipoint contest" label in the right-hand column and have at it.

I hope to have this ready to go live on Monday.  I'm posting this now to create some pressure on myself to git 'r done this weekend.  I'm one of those people that, if I don't have a deadline, I don't do much.  So this is my self-imposed deadline.  If I don't make this deadline, I expect you to nag me mercilessly and maybe even say rude things about me on your own blogs.  Accountability - it's a good thing!


  1. Hi Inno, I"m the same way, If I don't have a deadline, I just coast along. I can't wait to see what you're up to!

  2. Hey John- can you post a link to my brother's blog somewhere? I think some of your followers would find his blog interesting. Now you owe ME a comment.

  3. In reference to your FIRST TIME comments on MY blog, I am not smart enough to comment on your blog most of the time, unless it is to beg a favor! Two cookies (peanut butter, one slightly burnt) will await your consumption on our doorstep if you so desire. HOWEVER, I must warn you that 3 of our offspring have been puking in the last 3 days. So "chew-s" wisely!

  4. I'll be waiting for this ... let the pressure begin.


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