Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't fight the suck

Captain!  We're receiving a sub-space message from Black Hole Theta-M7-C.  It's a webpage graphic and some text.  It is coming from the Black Hole itself!!

Open a channel.  Onscreen.

Oh my!

Spock, explanation?

Fascinating.  That he is even pResident is illogical. 
Captain, I have the text message.  The Black Hole is saying "I am a Black Hole.  I suck.  I seriously suck.  Hard.  But look at this loser.  He's been bouncing along at around -20 on his approval.  How am I supposed to compete with that kind of suck?  He makes me look like I barely suck at all.  I can't stand it.  I can't live with myself any longer.  It is time to admit defeat and implode to nothingness, along with the nascent universe contained within my event horizon."

Great work, barry!  You've destroyed a whole universe!  I can't wait for November!!!!!


  1. Verrryy nice. Although I'm afraid I have to report you to Chris Matthews for racism. You couldn't have used a "white" hole as an example?

  2. You are a genius, Inno!
    Very funny.

  3. Red - Hee. Thanks.

    JBomb - Dang it! Now I have that stupid hippie "White bird, in a golden cage..." song stuck in my head. I will get my revenge!

  4. Way to go Barry, you big Suck Ass.

    You out did yourself with this one.

  5. Well, that does it. Black Holes are racist!

  6. That he is even pResident is highly illogical - no truer words were ever spoken by the green blooded son of a bitch.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA SUPERB!! Thank you :)

  8. HA! Good 'un Inno...

    Thanks for the chuckle this am.

  9. I wonder what Worf thinks about Barney Frank?

  10. Amusing Bunni - Thanks muchly.

    Odie - In a suck contest between barry and a black hole, the ringside judges would rule it a draw.

    Matt - Finally! I'm finally in the Racist Club!

    Infidel - how very Bones McCoy of you!

    Anon - thanks.

    Andy - de nada, amigo

    Trestin - Worf thinks "It'll take a lot of photon torpedoes to blow up that big fat mushmouth. Thankfully, I have a lot of photon torpedoes!"

    Matthew - Sounds like something Spock would say. Wonder if that's where Instapundit got that...

  11. Trestin may wonder what Worf thinks about Bawney, but I'm wondering what Bawney thinks about Sulu.

    Great post!


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