Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thanks a lot Spain, now we're all gonna die!

Freshman year at OSU, my dorm roomie and I covered the back of our door with corkboard.  Attached to the dartboard were clipped newspaper pix of various d-nozzles we couldn't stand, which we would then throw darts at.  There was Gorbachev, Teddy K, Michael Dukakitch in his tank, etc, etc.  One of the pix was of Kurt Vonnegut sitting indian-style.  Anybody who's dart got Kurt in the groin was exempted from having to chip in during the next beer run.

Why Kurt Vonnegut?  Well, he certainly met the d-nozzle prerequisite.  And in high school AP English we had to read Ice-9.  What a bunch of garbage.  So a few minutes ago I was flipping through Instapundit and found a link to some psycho Spaniards who have created room temperature ice!  Is this how Spain wants to play?  "Señor Americano, por favor give us beellions of dollars to bail out our failed economy, or I drop this seed crystal in the ocean and everybody dies!"

Kurt Vonnegut may have croaked a couple years ago, but it is not too late for us to go to Spain and throw darts at these scientists' groinal regions.  ¡Vamanos!


  1. Well, ya know, at least they're Enterprising. Sorry. I saw Uhura's picture.

  2. Meh, nothing to worry about. These are Spanish scientists. They probably just had the thermostat turned all the way down, so technically it was room temperature. As we learned from global "warming", europeans aren't that good at telling the temperature. I blame the fact that they still use Celsius over there.

  3. Ya' gotta remember that these guys are experienced at taking shots to the nether regions.

    I don't think it'll work, Inno. I say that we export about four million real Whirlpool refrigerator/freezers to Spain, instead of those little 4 cubic ft. things they use, and give 'em a taste of how ice ought to be made!

    Man, that had to be the single stupidest comment I've ever made anywhere.

    So, howzabout, "When wielded properly, the ClueBat will leave a mark."

    Yeah, I like that one a lot better.

    But, that is still the single stupidest comment I've ever made.


    That's what I say!

  4. Moogie - The pun, it hurts!

    JBomb - "Celsius" sounds like a name they'd give to a really pathetic demigod in Greek mythology. No wonder they're so screwed up.

    Andy - Guys with capes that prance around in pink tights should expect things like that to happen!

  5. Why does Spain insist on being evil? First the inquisition, then their strange love of soccer, now this.

  6. I don't like spain because they speak spanish, and that's all I hear walking around chicago.

    Have a fun weekend, Inno.


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