Friday, January 6, 2012

Most embarrassing moment and other various and sundry stuff

Yo, yo!  Last night was a good one for hoops fans.  OSU beat Cal solidly.  The Beavs are now 4-0 at games I've attended.  Only one game left in our cheap tix package - hopefully the Beavers can go Undefeated While in the Presence of Innominatus.  When the Beavs make a three, the guys on the cheer squad throw rolled-up t-shirts into the stands.  One of 'em came our way and my wife beat the crap out of the nearby fifth grader who caught it and stole it out of his trembing hands retrieved it as it rolled down the stairs.  Yay for aisle seats!  Then we got home and learned that the Blazers beat the L.A. Lakurds.  Whoo!


This is cool.  It is optimized for Chrome but seems to mostly work in FF, too.  Haven't tried other browsers.  Type in the address of your childhood home or some other place you have a sentimental attachment, that also has a high likelihood of having been covered by Google Street View.


Strong, dark coffee + Cool Ranch Doritos = MAJOR YUCK.  If you made a New Year's resolution to lose weight, try this combo.


Pastor's kids getting mini-donut maker + Pastor's kids bring mini-donuts to church = OPPOSITE OF MAJOR YUCK.


A while back I had a post about the funniest thing I've seen with my own 2 4 eyes.  Commenters added good stuff, too.  As a variation on that theme, I now offer the most embarrassing thing I've ever endured.  I had done a good job of erecting mental walls around that event and forgetting about it, but Manhattan Infidel had to go and bring it back to mind.  It goes like this:

Mid '80s.  I was a teenager.  My friend's parents took him (and me, and a couple other of his friends) out to a fancy dinner for his birthday.  It was one of those expensive steaks/dinner theater kind of places.  The actors were performing a comedic melodrama with a western theme. An Oklahoma! meets bad-guy-tying-the-girl-to-the-railroad-tracks kind of deal.  Friend's parents had arranged beforehand for the actors to come out in the audience and grab my friend and "include" him in a scene.  Unfortunately, he was supposed to be sitting in a certain seat since the actors didn't know which of us was birthday boy.

You know where this is headed...

Turns out, I was the one sitting in that seat.  I got shanghai'd into the play!  I had to roll up my pant legs and put on a skirt.  Which was doubly difficult because the 501 jeans that were de regueur at the time are kinda narrow around the ankles.  Anyway...  Had to dance a can-can Rocketts kind of thing in a paisley skirt with rolled-up jeans cutting off the circulation to my lower extremities.  To the hoots and jowls of everybody.  HUMILIATION!

Your turn...

PS - if this is the last post I ever put up, blame Manhattan Infidel for evoking this troubling memory - the mere recollection of this event makes me want to flee to Nepal and hide in the Himalayas where the Sherpas don't have internet access and know nothing about this.


  1. I take a certain amount of pride in being pure evil sir.

  2. The beavers are now officially a solid team in the Pac 12. And you, my Inno, are the key to their success.

  3. Infidel - Yes, your evil is undiluted and worthy of pride.

    DRC - gimme some more tickets so we can keep winning.

  4. I cracked up laughing when I heard your recount of what Jody "did". HAHAHA.

  5. Ouch on that embarrassing moment.

    As for the Infidel, I had no idea that pure evil could be so amusing.

  6. I dunno, Inno, there was no vomit, pus, feces, urine, blood or disgrace in front of a hottie in this 'worst ever' scenario.

    I'll give it a 'C-'.

  7. I've never done anything embarassing...maybe I need to try harder.

  8. Heh! Too bad a video camera was not handy...

    Or was one???

  9. Silly man, it's called google maps.

    Go to google and download "Google Earth" if you want a real hoot.

  10. ...the 501 jeans that were de regueur at the time ...

    They still ARE, in certain circles.

    You don't have to go all the way to the Himalayas to avoid internet-savvy people. You could come to The High Plains o' New Mexico and be just as safe. 'Cept for me, coz I know.

  11. Innon,
    Gimme some money and I will


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