Friday, January 20, 2012

I hate floodwater!!

Photo from KGW

Remember when Biff said "I HATE MANURE!!!"? 

Yeah.  Edit Menu > Find "MANURE" > Replace with "FLOODWATER".  File Menu > Save As > "AnnoyingBS.docx"

It isn't Minot or anything like that, but it is irritating.  Last week we had a fair bit of snow.  Our neighbors to the north up in Washington are still getting it.  But here, it suddenly turned to warm rain.  We got over 4" and it was 51o this morning.  Can you say "rapid snowmelt?"  Sure you can.  Parts of town are cut off.  Couple of mudslides.  Stepdaughter can't get to her house.  Water came up about 2" inside the signs-n-engraving shop.  Nothing really hurt by it.  Just messy.


The newest freakin' computer that we've only had since the end of December.  I wanted to go to Fry's and build a PC.  But boss man thought sending me to Fry's with the company Visa card might be, oh, just a bit of a risk.  So we bought one off-the-shelf from a place here in town.  We thought the water had peaked before it made it inside the shop, so no effort was made to lift the new PC from its place ON THE [BLEEP]ing FLOOR!  Came in this morning, and could tell from the ring-around-the-bathbub high water mark that water did indeed make it to the PC.  Took the cover off the side, and was saddened to find that THE MORON WHO ASSEMBLED IT PUT THE HARD DRIVE IN THE VERY LOWEST BAYNo other components got wet.  If the HD had been in ANY of the other half-dozen or so bays, it too would have stayed dry.  BUT NO.  Since we've only had it a couple weeks, we haven't even done a FREEKIN' BACKUP.   All we have is the klunky old HD out of the old PC with QuickBooks files that are now nearly a month out-of-date.



  1. Ugg. Sorry to hear about the travails of the new PC.

    Obviously the floodwater is racist.

    And let this be a lesson to boss man -you should have been allowed to use company VISA card.

    1. Absolutely. The 80" TV I'd have picked up at Fry's would have *really* boosted productivity.

  2. You have a Fry's?
    Our nearest is in Central California (Sac). I'm envious

    51 is 11 higher than here in Northern California. I'm envious again

    My PC isn't on the floor, we didn't flood, and the HD isn't in the bottom bay. So I guess I'm one up?

    1. Fry's is about 45 minute drive to the north. Maybe an hour if there's traffic. So not right here in town, but a fairly short and pleasant drive to get there. It was 51 at 7:30 this morning. Even warmer now.

      >>>So I guess I'm one up?
      At least one up.

  3. I was going to comment about the temp, but IT beat me to it. Looks like winter finally got here. Now we're only about 10 inches shy of the usual amount of rainfall.

  4. Aiiieee. Who's the guy who sets up your backups? He needs some "instruction," of the woodshed variety. I got my new box on or about 12/17/2011 and have run at LEAST ten full backups and daily incrementals since that time. Floodwater is bad, but self-inflicted wounds are arguably worse.

    1. Backups are close to a month out of date because Inno had to swap in the old hdd from the old box (assuming I'm reading it right). The sopping wet new hdd had likely been backed up during the past month, but....

  5. Actually, I haven't been to Fry's in a while, though they're only about 10 minutes away. It was way cooler when it was Incredible Universe - Fry's took it over and made it way smaller, less cool, and decidedly unfriendly. They still do have some cool stuff, though.

    There are certain advantages associated with living near the top of a mountain. We get more snow and wind, yes - but when the snow melts and the rain falls, it tends to go downhill. I was gonna go down and talk to a guy about this part-time networking job he'd suggested might work for both of us, but when I saw the whitewater at the bottom of the hill, I decided to go back home and clean up the garage a bit. Dry and warm - and needed doing. I've got a couple of system on the bench there, anyhow.

    Key words: :REM ON THE BENCH:

    In my experience, only a manager will put the box on the ground.

  6. I know as much about computers as Obammy does about governing, so in both cases no help here.

    But I offer sum truely sound backwoods advice, don't hang your head in dispair, ya might drown.

  7. Inno, that really sucks. This weather is odd (all over the country)...but it's been odd before.

    Not much to say except that REALLY SUCKS!

    And, I'm lovin' the new layout. Really.

  8. HI Inno, I'm glad your house didn't get flooded, at least.

    What kind of a tard leaves the computer on the floor.
    Maybe you can hide the water damage and take the computer back!

    PS: Your new layout is awesome.

  9. And on a completely unrelated note: THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!


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