Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Silly song o' the week

In  light of Paula Deen's comments, ("Michelle Obama loves fried food and ate more than any other guest I've had on my show") and MichelleO's own recent comments, this song may be more true than not.

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Turkey legs make her smile
Donuts light up her eyes
She'll slap up your face then hog the moon pies
The skin she reveals, you won't want to see
She whines like a child,
Her thighs jiggle like Jell-O at sea.

She can give you a shove
She can take all the wagyu
She'll say "your kid's fat!"
And then nanny-state you
She shnorks down the best US Prime Grade A beef
Like Commander in Thief
But she's always MichelleO to me

Oh--she looks out for herself
She can eat what she wants
Always dinner time
Oh--and she never cuts back
And she never gives in
She just eats the pork rinds

She eats up more tacos
Than hundreds of heathen
You take her last biscuit
And you'll be the one bleedin'!!
She gobbles the best US Prime Grade A beef
Blame it all on Gee-Dubya
Cause she's always MichelleO to me


Ouch!  She just bit off my thumb!
Can you get me a towel
And then call 9-1-1 ??
Ouch!  She just did it again!
Can't believe how it bled!
Oooh! I can get SSI

She is infrequently kind
And she's usually cruel
She can do as she pleases
'Cuz barry's a fool
Got my kids hidden safely up in a tree
'Cuz it's scary as hell, that Michelle My Belle
When she snarls like a wookie at me


  1. All hail our first lady and her cheeseburger in paradise thighs.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    MichelleO told Paula Deen that she calls Barry "Pumski."

    That's not what I call him!

  3. Hey now...Ms.Hell grows vegetables, ya know.

  4. Dang. I missed the world-record jumping jacks thang. I'm SO embarrassed.

    Nice work yet again, Inno.

  5. This post is so going up on TCL FB. Hysterical.

  6. Matt - Glad you liked it

    Infidel - All wail our first lady...

    stopsign - "hit" as in "car crash"?

    QR - What I call him kinda rhymes with "Pumski", though.

    Odie - Thanks. You need to download the software I use, so we can do a duet!

    MAX - Michelle's veggies make me think of this

    Buck - When the wind rattled the roof of you carport, it wasn't just wind. It was vibrations caused by harmonic flab.

    TCL - Thanks!!

  7. Liberals don't buy american! get you facts straight!

  8. Inno, The Mrs. and me are truly laughing our collective arses off!

    Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

    But, you might consider a different place to hide your chirrens. Howler Monkeys can climb trees, ya' know.

    I love these things. Hey, I had an idea once. I'd love to hear somebody with talent (such as yourself) do a parody of The Eagles "Lyin' Eyes."

    Something like, "She can't hide...her big fat thighs...and and her smiiiiiiiiiile is dentalized..."

    Just a thought.

    Excellent work, my friend!

    Go Tigers!

    Heh! Word verification: reprobate



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