Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Park of the Whining Scum

OK.  Seriously.  I started this song a loooong time ago, back when the occudorks were still kind of relevant.  But there were a number of problems.  First, I couldn't get the timing on the arpeggios to my satisfaction.  Secondly, I don't know how to play keyboard instruments worth pbthbth.  So I used the bass and cranked it up two octaves in the software, which made it sound pretty cool.  Interesting swells and stuff in there that can't really be heard at normal frequencies.  But it still really stunk, terrible timing.  Sounded like 4 bad musicians playing 4 different songs at the same time.  (In other words, "jazz").  So I downloaded a MIDI app.  Never used one before - this is the first effort.  All the instruments you hear are ordinary MIDI voices that came either with Windows or my sound card.  My cheap-o $9 mic's cord is failing, so I had to sit super still and there's still a lot of garbling.  Oh well.  (Plus, it would help if I could actually sing.  But you knew that already.)


While the original author is unknown, this song was popularized by The Animals and covered by lots of bands including The Doors.  So I present to you my version.  And remember, it isn't "bad" it's, um, "campy."  Yeah, campy.

If that doesn't work, here's an Alternate Link to download and/or play in Windows Media Player (or similar).

There is a park in NYC
Occupied by whining scum
They raped each other and took dumps on the street
A perfect storm of dumb

Now the only thing a hippie needs
Is a dry tent and bong
And the only time he's satisfied
Is when he's banging' a gong

Bloomberg kicked some of 'em out
But quite a few remain
I tell you what they play those drums one more bleeping time
I'm gonna beat 'em with a chain.

Mothers don't let your children
Run up debt on stupid degrees
You know the kind I'm talkin' about
Their PhD's in Puppetry

They twinkled up and they twinkled down
They twinkled all around
They twinkled in cups, vases and pots
And even on the ground

Well, there is a park in NYC
Occupied by whining scum
They raped each other and took craps on the street
A perfect storm of dumb

I am still interested in collaborating on some of these silly things.  I'm so not a musician, but I think it'd be fun and we could probably get a better result together than me doing everything.  The software is all free and not that hard to figure out.  We could get some shared space on Drop Box or one of the cloud-based services to exchange files.  Lemme know.


  1. precisely put Innominatus. Favorite line. They Twinkled up and they twinkled down.

  2. oh my. why haven't we given you a mic' at church? do your fans here know you play a mean guitar for song service? If I see you lip syncing these lyrics during worship I will have to tell my husband on you though;)
    Your Pastor's Wife

  3. I used my imagination for the organ solo and guess what? It worked!

    I hope ya find a collaborator or three, I think the outcome would be great. Not that you by yourself isn't, of course.

    wv: ecozed. What the Sierra Club usually is.

  4. Is this going to be the theme song on the first Occupy Wall Street movie?

  5. Great sound on the instruments Inno. I used to play and sing that tune myself. It's been about thirty years since the last time though.

    You sound timid with your voice. Belt it out man.

  6. DRC - Everybody love twinkles

    Patti - "why haven't we given you a mic' at church?" Do you hear what I hear?

    Buck - I'd like to get some folks from out little circle of blog-buds and do some kind of "We Are the World" with everybody involved. I think it would be hilarious.

    Infidel - You mean I might get paid? WHoOo!

    Odie - Ah, a musician! You might get recruited! One thing I can't help is that I get a Joe Cocker sway thing going when I try to sing, and that was making the mic cord buzz so I had to fight all that. May be the source of the timid. But also, I suck.

  7. I thought it was Cool and Correct
    Thanks Inno

  8. Hippies? Really, Inno, I knew some real hippies and these folks can't hold a candle to them. These guys just want to take without offering anything. So call 'em something besides hippies and ya got a great song.

  9. stopsign - Thanks. I think you're recruited, too!

    Uncle Skip - I understand, but "Brats with poor hygiene and an inflated sense of entitlement" has the wrong number of syllables for a song in 3/4 time.

  10. Inno: stick to Limmericks. Allow me:

    'There was a dumb hippie from Vail.
    Who thought our free market would fail.
    He camped on the ground,
    But all that he found
    Was a urine soaked cot in Mike's jail.

    Hey, that took me a minute at least, I can work on it.

  11. They twinkled up and twinkled down...


    Good work, Inno. I'm giggling, and I can't stop...


  12. Clever!

    Pepper used to play that tune in a band. When it was top twenty!


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