Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time for another one of *those* posts

I am become Boredom, Destroyer of Blogs.


Lessee here... Cain may or may not have said and/or done something that may or may not have risen to the level of S.H.  but it is all anybody wants to talk about.  Bleh.


Do you know what I hate?  Lemme tell ya...
  • I hate when I find a cool blog and they immediately go on a posting hiatus right after I discover them.
  • I hate it when I'm reading one of the "big blogs" and I come up with an Extremely Funny Comment but it as after the thread is pretty much dead so nobody ever sees it.
  • I hate it when I'm at somebody's house and they're really into a TV show they have on their DVR and they're trying to FF through the commercials, but one of the commercials is a commercial for the show they're watching.  They see their beloved characters on so they stop FF'ing only to realize they've been duped and there's still an ad for Subway and an ad for a mattress sale to sit through.
  • I hate it when the unnamed person above does that over and over at every commercial break.


Teacher: Bobby, what did you do this weekend?

Bobby:  I found a dead cat.

Teacher:  Really?  How did you know it was dead?

Bobby:  I pissed in its ear and it didn't even move!

Teacher:  You did what?!

Bobby:  Yeah, I leaned over close to it and went "Pssst!!" right in its ear and it didn't even flinch.


  1. Hey, everyone hits the wall sooner or later, but all of us out here in Blogland are waiting with baited breath for another Epistle from Inno.

  2. Scooney:

    Spell check Fredd here: that would be 'bated' breath. And yes, that is the kind of breath we all have, wating for Inno to produce....

  3. Scooney - you sayin' my breath smells like those little red salmon eggs?

    Fredd - OK, I'll try to produce before y'all turn blue with the breath thing.

  4. "I hate when I find a cool blog and they immediately go on a posting hiatus right after I discover them."

    I know that you can't be referring to me, because although I have been on something of a hiatus, my blog is not what anyone would consider "cool". Barely even lukewarm.

  5. Yup, it's dead!

    Inno, my blog is forever!

  6. Thanks for the spell check, must be that government education showing up again!

  7. S.H.: It's what's for dinner. Breakfast and lunch, too. "Bleh" is right.

  8. Question;
    Why would anybody invite a friend over if all they were to do was watch the boob tube and ignore said friend?

    If you had not guessed, that is one of the things I hate.

  9. Know what I hate?

    Yeah, lots of stuff.

    And bait.

  10. I've been thinking of taking a hiatus but I don't want to go to Massachusetts.

    What? Oh, Hyannis. That's different.

  11. You know what I hate...well, I don't want to beat a dead horse...but have you ever beat a dead horse? Its fun, it can't fight back, its huge, you can do a lot of damage, but again, its already dead....

  12. Race Bannon:
    In your own words: "well, I don't want to beat a dead horse...but have you ever BEAT a dead horse?" did you catch that? It's have you ever BEATEN a dead horse. WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO? But seriously it is pretty fun to beat them. MY favorite part is cutting out the eyes and putting them on my dad's chest. When he wakes up he screams like a little girl! Good times. Good times.

  13. The only thing worse that finding a cool blog and having them go on hiatus, is asking a cool blogger to be a contributor, and then have them go on hiatus.

  14. I have those things too, Inno!

    Have a fun weekend, and don't find any dead cats, live ones are more fun.

  15. but if you do find one you know what to do. PSSSSST!

  16. Scooney:

    Got myself edge-a-ma-cated at a publik skool, to.

    Got all the wey thru aigth grade, to, tho it tuck me 13 yars of hard werk.

  17. We have such a sensationalized culture today. Its quite sickening.

    People are too hooked on electronics today. Sometimes to the point of obsessive.

  18. Inno, that was without a doubt the worst joke I've heard since I was probably about 9 years old.

    Good work, thou killer of blogs!

    I think it was Yogi Berra that said, "It ain't over until it's over."

    Inno, "It's over."

    (I blame myself. I think it was the chicken hat deal that screwed you into the ground. I shall die a miserable human.)


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