Monday, November 28, 2011

Cats and dogs living together (and other odorless, colorless, flavorless filler content)

Unvarnished truth escapes lips of democrat, "End of the World" prophecies hardest hit.  A democrat speaking truth is a trigger event, like Ash picking up the Necronomicon without saying the magic words.  Democrat truth-telling was supposed to be that supreme improbability that would cause the universe to fold inwards on itself and collapse into nothingness.  The Mayans said this wouldn't happen until 2012 (in other words "after the elections"). But here it is, happening in 2011, and now the Mayans look really stupid, the universe missed its cue, and the whole cosmic calendar has been knocked totally fubar.  I don't know how this will all pan out, but I'm sure no good will come of it.


The Civil War was on ABC this weekend.  Man, I hope it was just regional coverage and not national.  Hate to think that the whole country might have seen that debacle.  What a rotten season.  3-9 record.  No bowl game.  Again.  Guess we can go back to being a Basketball Schooltm.  Again. We're 5-1 so far at hoops, with the only loss on the road against Vandy.  And even that was due only to a lucky last-second shot.  Hasn't been this much excitement around the b-ball program since the mid-'90s.  We were (quietly) one of the winningest teams for decades, from the '40s through the '80s.  Almost always ranked, almost always going to the tourney.  Then Gary Payton graduated and things got sketchy for a couple seasons.  Things were looking up in the mid-'90s, but then all in one off-season one kid blew out his knee, another kid dropped dead from a sudden heart condition, another kid transferred out, another sophomore kid went pro, and another kid went to prison for armed robbery - that moron called Domino's to have a pizza delivered to his own house, and then drew a gun on the delivery guy and took the pizza without paying for it.  Wow.  The entire starting 5 gone just like that.  And we've pretty much sucked every year since.  Until now.  Whooo!


Some interesting comments in the Newt post from the other day.  But I stick to my previous position: he doesn't deserve the presidency.  Egads! innominatus is a closet Obamaphile!  Umm, no... 
  • Mitt Romney - Not very conservative.  Flip-flops on major issues.  Weird name.  A mechanized automaton without the "personality chip" upgrade.  RomneyCare.  Doesn't deserve the presidency.
  • Herman Cain - Great guy.  Gives an outstanding speech.  But... Except for 999, can't define his policy postions worth a pthbthbth.  Listening to him try is like a blind guy trying to find his own azz on a map of Tuscon using Google Street View and a telescope.  Doesn't deserve the presidency.  Addendum: Just saw this at Hot Air:
    Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public’s right to know and the media’s right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one’s bedroom door.
    Dude, if that's the best your own lawyer can say about your "long affair" then please just endorse somebody who isn't a sexweasel and then quietly go away.
  • Newt Gingrich - I dig the acerbic personality and the brains.  But... Has a lot of baggage, and isn't that conservative.  C'mon! Flamin' Denny Hastert (spit) has a more conservative voting record than Newt!  Like I said before, doesn't deserve the presidency.
  • Michele Bachman - I like her.  But... she bet the farm on Gardisil and lost.  Little evidence that she can actually run anything.  Deserves some credit and a promotion, but doesn't deserve the presidency.
  • Rick Perry - I like him and hope he rallies back into the top tier.  But... He debates like a constipated goat on quaaludes.  Cronyism accusations hard to shake.  Probably doesn't deserve the presidency.
  • Ron Paul - Dead-nuts-right-on on about half the issues.  But... Doublepluskooky on the other half of the issues.  If we could just take the "good half" and exile the other half to the Phantom Zone, he'd be a winner.  Until we master that technology, he doesn't deserve the presidency.
  • John Huntsman - Who?
As far as I'm concerned, none of 'em are really presidential.  Sad thing?  I'll gladly pull the finger lever for ANY of the above over the present pResident.  Like Frank J. said at IMAO:
We have a bunch of bad choices for the GOP nomination. On the other hand, the Democrats have only one horrible choice.

True story - Thought for sure I was going to end up in a fistfight.  Sunday at 6:10 AM I was at my early grunt-work restaurant job, taking some trash out to the dumpster.  Next thing I know, some psycho gets  REALLY P*SSED and ALL UP IN MY FACE about the Chevron station next door not being open yet.  When I tell him that I don't work there and can't help him, he gets all puffed up and starts giving me the "Whaddya scared of?" crap.  (My only fear was that his stupid might be contagious.)  So I took off (in the most manly and threatening way possible, of course) my stupid gimpy little polyethylene food-handling gloves.  Clearly this intimidated the heck out of psycho-boy, as he backed off and got back in his truck while yelling f-bombs about how he had no gas to get to work.


  1. That.....that....that was YOU?

    Sorry man. I was just really angry about the Chevron station being closed.

  2. What you didn't have the key to the gas station...WTF :)

    Glad your OK.
    Thanks for the post

  3. "constipated goat on qualudes"
    Sorry about Oregon's loss in overtime to my Commodores. But, if it's any consolation, we had our asses handed to us tonight, in overtime, by Xavier.

  4. Man I wuz bummed when I didunt think to camp out at Wal-Mart after grey Thursday. Cudda had me bunchez of "People of Wal Mart" foto's to sell online. There goes my fortune in life?

    Butt hey, Barney iz gone and a cupple of courtsides are reasons to not git too worked up about the phallicies that the next prez won't be much differunt than the last pResident.

    Imma offen topic agin, so therez a song there sum where?

  5. Inno:

    Sorry to inform you, but the Civil War was broadcast nationally on ABC. I saw every play here outside of Chicago, IL (in Denny Hastert's old Illinois 14th Congressional District, glad to know somebody still remembers the old stumbling, bumbling wrestling coach). And I believe you already know that in addition to my Beaver creds, I also have affiliations with That School That We Shant Mention Here, the one that will likely appear in the Rose Bowl if they can beat UCLA next Saturday.

    I can live with anybody in the oval office that has an (R) behind their name, even Ron (God Forbid) Paul. And I wish his advisors would tell him to remove his tin foil hat when in front of the cameras, it might give some the wrong impression...

  6. Well, WHY didn't you have a key? Sheesh! It had to be SOMEBODY's fault that he didn't have any gas! Seriously, I'm glad it turned out ok. With all the whackos out there, you never know.
    I didn't get to watch "The Game" as I was camping at J'ville, FL near the beach in 75 degree weather and it was blacked out around here for some reason. I was fairly confident in the victory, though, and I did get score by score texts from my nephew who was at Autzen. Happy late T-day!!

  7. Your uncovered sissy boy hands is enough to scare anyone.

  8. Inno, sorry about your Beavers. But take heart. Y'all could beat an SEC team. Ole Miss.

    See, I think we've got a bunch of good choices for the Republican nomination. Sure, I'd have rather seen "somebody else" get in. But, as far as someone "deserving" to be President...

    Well, who really does? Regardless, we gotta beat this jackass we've got, or we're finished.

    As to the monor at the gas station...probably still pissed off from the OSU season.

  9. Whattaya mean you didn't have keys to the restauran; er, gas station? Let this be a lesson to ya, sonny: Always, always pack along some engraving tools when heading off to the gas, restaurant!

    BTW, don't you hate when democrats make the Mayans look stupid? thanks...

  10. HECK, i was prepared for an uninteresting filler content post and you came thru, as usual! Your pResidential candidate assessment was pretty good! 2 guys from Texas and we get Rick Paul and Ron Perry! Wait, maybe one of THOSE guys would be electable! Let's work on THAT technology!

    As far as running off the mouthy wimp; good on ya, Brother I!

  11. I'm glad your loony-tunes encounter ended without you having to explain things to Men In Black (or dark blue, as the case might be), that sorta thang never works out well for anyone.

    I agree with your candidate assessments for the most part... with the possible exception of Bachmann. The more I hear from that broad the less I like her. I still don't know who I'll vote for in the primary, but I'm leaning towards Newt. Still.

  12. I had a rather unpleasant football experience last weekend, too, but at least we'll go bowling somewhere.

    I kinda liked the constipated goat on Qualudes, too! I haven't thought about 'ludes for a hundred years. Or goats, whether constipated or regular.

    Dealing with the public -- sheesh. Glad you stood your ground sucessfully, intact, and unincarcerated.

  13. "constipated goat on qualudes"

    That has to go down as the quote of the week, or something like that.


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