Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adrenalin shot from nowhere

Hey, long weekend coming up... Maybe I'll actually get to write something.

In the meantime, this vid actually shocked me.  I was just browsing all the stupid vids that Ace's co-bloggers put up in the sidebar, and this appeared in YouTube's "related videos" of the "puppies attack cat" clip.  Dude.  I had to get up and walk around for a second before I could go back to work.

Right then and there, Bambi would've been an orphan if it were up to me. Holy crap! I was ready to crawl through the screen and break that [bleep]ing deer's neck.  And that was even before I read the follow-up story.  Next one of those a-holes jumps out in front of my car?  Ain't swervin'.  Gonna mash the gas and launch that bastage into the next county.  To any hunters who haven't filled their tags yet: I wish you Very Good Luck the rest of this season and a freezer full of yummy, yummy Dead A-hole.


  1. When the video started I was thinking Oh how sweet that cat was taking care of the fawn and I know my blood pressure shot up when the Mom attacked the dog and the cat.

    I'm thinking she was trying to protect her baby.

  2. One of those (now dead) a-holes crashed into my car a few weeks ago. $4k later, I'm on the road again. Hunt away!

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  4. Allright, I'll be the insensitive one.

    I'm a hunter, but sorry, that doe was simply following her instincts, protecting her fawn from a perceived threat. One of the by products of our continued encroachment on their habitat. I feel for the dog, particularly in light of the story, but it looks like the age old "wrong place, wrong time." And frankly, the lady filming could have done something more effective than hurling strong words at the deer.

    Besides, the cat started the whole thing.

  5. The deer in Cranbrook have become a real menace; they're attacking people and dogs even when they're on leash. If I recall correctly city council has put measures in to herd them out of town.

  6. My brother hit a deer once on the highway. Car was totaled but I was very proud of him.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. Eat plenty of deer.

  7. She was protecting her young so we could eat it later. After all, isn't that why guns and stoves were invented?

  8. stopsign - same here. I thought it was gonna be a cute kitten/fawn clip

    g - yikes! Don't think my car is worth enough that it can even suffer $4k in damage, so I'm still in a ramming mood.

    Buckskins - I know that was just a deer's defensive instincts. But I'm a dog fan and the whole thing was totally unjust. Deer should've given the cat one quick kick and left it at that. Ticked me off. Hope you have a doe tag and put a bullet through that #@(*^&

    Deb - I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

    Infidel - Give your bro a high-5 for me, please.

    Odie - Very thoughtful of her. I need to put a new element in my oven, though, before I can broil her baby.


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