Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Antisocial Networking Site!!

Some of my blog buddies are getting pretty jazzed about Google+.  I haven't tried it yet.  Prolly won't.  Instead, I've been spending my time at another new site.  Below you can get a taste of how it works.

Of course this is click-biggable

**UPDATE: Linked by MaxRedline.  Thanks!


  1. An anti-social site is just my speed.

    That's why my door mat says 'Go Away".

    Nice stuff, Inno.

  2. In true irony, I'm going to share this on Facebook.

  3. KS - We have so much in common

    Trestin - Do'h! :)

  4. I don't get it. Is this your idea of a joke?

    It sounds perfectly feasible. I thought this was a beta and I ended up being a little disappointed.

    I was at least closer to figuring it out than I am with Google+...

  5. Damn! I just know I'm going to get a friend request from this guy!

    LOL~ love it

  6. That's great! Can I log in at F***

  7. The irony is it already exists, innit? But my bias is showing...

  8. I've been trying to get my facebook friends down to one. Maybe if I change my status message to "Everyone go to hell."

  9. Heh.

    There have been days, lately, when that's exactly how I feel, but I've not been able to come up with the descriptive, "butthair" until now. Thanks!

  10. I want a door mat like the King has!

  11. Inno, I must confess that I've gotten some fine entertainment since I signed up on the FagBook...but under an assumed identity.

    Imma give The GooblePlusSign a try. There has got to be something WAY better than FailBook, and maybe blogging even (don't throw nothing at me, please). I've got four individuals in my circle of friends on The GooblePlusSign. I have posted exactly two things, and have read exactly three posts from those in my circle.

    I like it. I think we're all wading in slowly. Either that, or we all hate each other and are afraid to say so. quick as my Tigers destroy the miserable Ducks on opening day, the purple and gold chicken hat is on your way.

  12. I think Facebook, from a design standpoint, is a sad, crippled piece of software. Sadly, I must use it as part of my day job.

    In my personal life, I would no more choose to use it than I would choose to habitually lick the undersides of public toilet seats.

    So, yes, this post warmed the cockles of my bitter, black, and shriveled heart.

  13. Thought I would stop by and say no comment but that wud be a contridiction cuz I would be leaving a senseless comment about no comment which iz pretty much what Facebook seems to be.

    Iffen you eva find or develope a Facelessbook site let me know I'll sign up post haste, cuz I can't show my face in public after leaving this nonsensical comment.

  14. aA - Sorry, not reality. But with a little venture capital...

    stopsign - Watch you inbox, the invite will come soon

    Odie - Thanks. Need some more venture capital before it is available to the public. Make checks payable to ME. :)

    Buck - I might check into the +. Google pretty much knows I'm boring so there isn't much risk in them learning even more about me.

    Infidel - Just for that I am going to unfriend you!

    Moogie - Thanks. I like insults that are thoroughly insulting without needing to be bleeped.

    Matt - That's been my experience.

    Randy - I don't know what you're talking about, but now I want one too!

    Teresa - You, me, and Matt seem to have a lot in common!

    Andy - Bring forth the chickenhat!

    Harvey - Agreed. I will NEVER buy into the client/server web app cloud whatever they're calling it today model of doing things.

    Jaded - A while back I was noticing links to my blog from Facebook so I got an account to try to figure out and thank whoever it was that was linking me. Coulda been Trestin or Paul but I never figured it out exactly. Next thing ya know people I couldn't stand back in 9th grade and whom I haven't seen since are sending friend requests. Crazy. But this post started off as a screencap from by actual Facebook. It is under my real name, which you might still have. So you can send me a friend request and I'll accept it but I almost never go on facebook so not much is gonna happen after that. :)


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