Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beltran a Giant

In the comments from the previous post, Manhattan Infidel jostled me awake with an interesting question.  Interesting in that it has nothing to do with how to make bail at 2:00am or how to get a date with Jessica Simpson.  He asked about what I thought of Beltran going to the Giants.

Lessee here...  First off, my interest in baseball waxes and wanes with the success of the Giants.  In other words, I paid next to no attention for A LONG TIME.  Then about halfway through last season it started looking like they might make the postseason and my interest perked back up.  Then this year they are doing well again.  Leading the NL West.  So I'm still kinda paying attention.  But not to other teams so much.  Especially the NY Mess.  What I know about Beltran is that he's been dinged up the last few seasons but has a reputation for being a reliable RBI guy.

That's something the G-men can use.  Their batting order doesn't exactly inspire a lot of fear.  Even less so with Posey out.  Winning games seems to be all pitching and some timely slap hit from some nobody at the bottom of the order.  Doesn't seem like enough to make it deep into the postseason.  Nobody on the team is even double-digits in homers yet.  Ick.  Hopefully Beltran can be productive with not much else around him.

And Matt, sorry about that bogus call against you Bucs.  In the order of things I despise, it goes: coconut, Obama, Atlanta Braves, black licorice.  So I feel your pain.


  1. I agree, he should be a good pick up. It does mean that Burrell will probably have to go but he's been so streaky I don't see that as a real problem. It gives the Giants 4 good outfielders who will probably have to share playing time but if Beltran can produce it gives the Giants the clear edge in the NL.
    How do you spell repeat?
    T O R T U R E!!

  2. It's a good trade for the Giants and the Mess are just starting their fire sale. Jose Reyes is next.

    And do you have any useful information on how to post bail at 2 AM? Just wondering because the coppers wouldn't take my credit card last time.

  3. I'm surprised, most will. It's rough but in that circumstance a bail bondsman might be your only choice. Either that or wait for a transfer to County where they're usually motivated to show you the door (overcrowding) and will take plastic. Some agencies will take a personal check so if you have overdraft or have time to get to the bank to cover it you should be golden.

  4. Thanks for the condolences. I would hope to add one thing to the hate list...


  5. Did they play baseball this year?


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