Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not gon' do it

Portrait of Congressweasel from New York who will not be mentioned by name.
I betcha there are some among you who are wondering why I haven't posted on WeinerGate.  I know, I know, it is a topic that is right up my juvenile humor alley.  The Hebrew National and Oscar Meyer jokes keep popping into my mind, but I just won't go there.  Nor will I ask if "they plump while ya cook 'em."  I declare this blog to be a Weiner-free zone.  I might be the only righty on the planet who has avoided this topic, and I will continue in that role. 

Instead, I will ask about Governor Hairstyle from Texas.  Seems that he's chased Newt out of the race. That alone makes him worthy of consideration if he chooses to run.  But I don't know much about him.  I've heard he charts kind of a squiggly path with regard to illegal immigration.  Is this verdad?  I don't ask for much in a candidate.  All I want is someone who will kidney-punch all the illegals and suck every last dirty drop of oil out of Mother Earth. (hey, we owe her that much), while balancing the budget.   

OK, I exaggerate a little.  All I really want is somebody besides Obama.  There's an itchy scab on the top of my head from when I was crawling around in the church attic the other day - the little spinny thing on the fire sprinkler decided to grab a wad of my hair as I was passing under it - I'm saying I'd vote for that scab before I'd vote for Obama.  I'd even vote for that stupid little spinny thing, despite the intense loathing I have for it. But we can do better, can't we?

Most of us have been waiting for somebody else to step in.  Somebody who is not a RiNO but has some experience and some electability.  Somebody we could really get jazzed about.  Is Governor Perry that guy?


  1. Perry works fer me, if push came to shove. But then again, I'm a Texan.

  2. WELL, being a Texan mahself, I have a deep abiding suspicion of Governor Goodhair. He says he's gonna be all tough on stuff, then he kinda forgets, until election time.

    One thing he IS good at though; winnin' elections. And ticking off conservative Texans, which I'm.

    But over Obam-uh, I would vote for your scab and spinny thing over any democrat.

    I also applaud your avoidance of all things Rep. Warner (sic); I can't stand to look at him or hear of him or think of his supreme sliminess all over the pristine innerloop.

  3. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah .... THERE!
    That's our answer. Unless God has finally had it with a country that makes praying to him a crime and calls evil good and makes telling others what God says is sin "hate speech." We shall see what He has for us!

  4. I could vote for Perry in the Primary. aA has experienced what we have here in Louisiana with Gov. Jindal.

    What looks good to the rest of the country...and their tough talk...often loses something in the translation to governing. That being said, it's tough on a State level sometimes to get "everything" you want. Not that it'd be any easier on a national level.

    Right now I'm a Cainiac, but he's probably going nowhere. By the time the primaries hit Louisiana, I'll know who's still in, and who has the best shot at ObozO.


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