Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day Repost

Here's a little re-post for ya. You can look at the comment you left last year and see if you've gotten any smarterer.

Oh, you said "FLAG DAY", like with an "L" in it.  Ooops!


  1. Mwa...Mwa...Mwa...Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    O, merciful Lord, I gotta get to the bathroom.


  2. VERY funny!

    Is there any officials input from his old gay lover (now spurned), Larry Sinclair?

  3. NOW THAT'S FUNNY ! You've really out done yourself this time.

  4. Good One, Inno!
    Every day is fag day with barry boy.
    What a poof

  5. OMG. That is so funny! More of the old Innominatus showing thru!

  6. Odd, I missed the Young President at Southern Decadence last year. I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled this year.

    This is kinda how he perceives the flag, n'ces pas?


  7. HAHAHAHAHA! The veriword that popped up for the next comment is "prezie."

    As in, "look how charming our Young Prezie is in his feathered outfit!"

    How do it know?!?!

  8. Moogie, it's frightening, isn't it?

    The Globber KNOWS...

  9. Grease up the Obamster!

    (Oh wait, the oil slick already did that. Never mind)

  10. Looks like someone's been listening to Wham!

  11. Good show. I sure he does not wear that hat when he meets with the Chinese.

  12. My eyes! They are burning!!!

    What the eyes have seen they cannot unsee.

  13. Is he riding a horse?

    Speaking of horses, what do you think of the Pendleton and the Umatilla County area?

  14. Race - Dunno what he's on. I just put "Obama gay" into google image search last year and that's what came up.

    Re: Pendleton. Strangely, I really haven't been over that way very much. Thus I don't have a strong opinion - just generalities.

    Oregon is almost like two different countries. West of the Cascades is lush and green, with a mild climate. East of the Cascades (where you are talking about) is dryer with more of all 4 seasons. That area does have lots of outdoorsy rec opportunities within a short drive, and there are way fewer liberals than where I am. As you hinted, there is a big rodeo there annually and ranching is big. But I really haven't done much but just pass through there.

  15. Pendleton has been recently outgrown by Hermiston (oddly enough). Both are pretty dry, but Hermiston's on the Columbia (and as I recall, the Umatilla River flows through town, too. They do a lot of irrigation from the Columbia, and the McNary dam's there. So, also, are the igloos of the Umatilla reservation, which for years have stored chemical weapons.

    Hermiston's right off I-84, and there are a couple of recreation areas around there somewhere, which as I recall feature horse trails. Fishing generally sucks.


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