Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is that a train?

Nah... There are no tracks in this tunnel.  So it is either a semi with one headlight burned out, or I am almost out of the hectic mess that has been the last couple weeks.  The crazy end-of-schoolyear rush at work is just about petered out and the church remodel is almost done.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to write up a post before the topic becomes old news... 

Speaking of the church remodel - for all the electrical work I did, I only got shocked once, at that mildly!  Yay!  Which reminds me, I've had this bizzzzzarre recurring dream lately.  Like, variations on the same dream about a half-dozen times over the last few months.  In it, there is a big, distant thunderstorm.  Much bigger and more energetic than we typically get around here in Oregon.  I am watching it, "oohing" and "aahing" like one might do when watching fireworks.  Usually wife or somebody else is with me.  It gets closer.  Next thing ya know, lightning starts striking nearby trees and buildings and I (we) start looking for a safe shelter.  Then the real weirdness kicks in: rather than a flash, the lightning stays "on".  It is a loud, crackly column of lightning from the clouds to the ground, and it starts moving around.  Cuts right through buildings and cars and stuff and kicks up debris like a small tornado.  It starts coming towards me (us), at about a walking speed.  So it is easily outrun and out-maneuvered.  There's even an ozone smell present.  Then another "bolt" appears, and another, and another, and next thing you know I'm having to elude these stupid things.  We're yelling to each other about how we have to get out of here.  In the dream it is scary as heck, but when I wake up I don't feel that panicky thing that usually accompanies a really bad dream.  Strange.

I haven't run any ponytailed dipwads in electric SmartCars off the road in a long time, and I think the dream is telling me I gotta quit slacking off in this area.  But I'm not sure.  Iff'n y'all are good at interpreting this kind of stuff, I'm all ears.


  1. I have an uncle who was stuck by lightening. It changed his personality, but over time he became his old self again.

    Your dream?...
    I think it is time to stock up on breakfast cereal.

  2. Trestin - it is not possible for me to stock up on cereal. I devour the stuff. Especially at night. Yes, I'm weird and proud of it.

  3. There is only one interpretation to this dream:

    King Shamus wants you to eat double downs with him.

  4. I'll get you something later on this one, Inno. May be of some use to you.

  5. Infidel - ya know, I still haven't tried one of those yet. Downright un-American of me, and I apologize.

    TMI - Hmmm... Interesting stuff you emailed me. [obiwan voice]Search your feelings, Luke![/obiwan voice]

  6. Too much SciFi. Sounds like Star Trek, The Motion Picture.

  7. A night time cereal addict? And I thought it was just me...

  8. Odd dream, Inno. In most of my dreams, Abraham Lincoln is there.

    Now you know.

  9. Run, young Jedi! It's the Death Star!

    Or, you've been scooting across the floor too much and are discharging the static in your dreams. Try sleeping with a few dryer fabric softener sheets tucked into your jammies.

  10. Inno, Moogie is originally from Arkansas. She only learned about dryer fabric softener sheets when she moved to the United States recently.


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