Monday, May 16, 2011

Cool or scary??

Yesterday was a busy day.  Evening church service was canceled because we had a bunch of cleaning and re-arranging to do before some contractors show up today for the next phase of our project.  So I was at the church helping out.  When I got home, I found a note on the front door say "Your dog was out loose and terrorizing people.  I got him back into your backyard and closed the gate."  There was a name and phone number on the note, so my wife called and thanked the helpful lady who did this for us.  The lady backpedaled a little on the "terrorizing" and said it was more like "running up to everybody passing by, acting protective of the property."  She said "I just forcefully told him to get back there and pointed at the gate, and he went right in and I closed it behind him."  Anyway, I'm thankful she took the time to do that for us.  And I don't know if Chance was really being aggressive or just curious.  He's SUPER gentle when we're around, but I don't know how he acts when we aren't around, because, well, we're not around!  Anyway, I bungee corded and twined the gate closed.  I'm not sure how he got it open to begin with, but it should be extra secure now.

So when I get to work this morning the boss says "How was the weekend?  Dog on the loose, huh?"  Evidently the local police called my boss to see if he knew how to contact me.  He was in the middle of singing "Happy Birthday" so he didn't answer the first time they called. They then called HIS DAUGHTER!  Who lives in another county about an hour away.  I only see her once or twice a month.  Heck, since she got married a year or so ago, I don't even know her last name!  Yet the police were able to find her and call her on her cell!  She had no idea how to get a hold of me, so they called the boss back a second time.  He answered and said "It's Sunday, so he's probably at church" and gave them my home #.  Dunno if they called, as there was no message.

HEADS - It is really cool that the local police went to so much effort to find me and let me know what's going on.  And (so far, at least) no citation or anything.  Had my boss not mentioned this, I'd have never known that the police were ever involved.  They just used their resources to try to solve a problem I didn't yet know I had.

TAILS - How did the police even know where I work?  And how to contact my boss and my boss' daughter?  I can see (maybe) how they could check the dog's tags and figure out who I am, then check some kind of tax record to see where I'm employed, then check some kind of record to see who owns the place where I'm employed, and then, and then...  I'm thinking of that line from the first Terminator movie: "I have detailed files."  This is spookin' me a little! 

Maybe the dog license form asks for all this kind of info.  Dunno.  My wife fills them out and sends them in.  I'll ask her when we both get home from work.  But in the meantime, I am simultaneously glad that someone was willing to make sure the pooch was OK, and also feeling like Big Brother is watching VERY closely!

I know at least two of my readers are in law enforcement.  Can either of you offer any insights?


  1. Strange. The police called me on Sunday and asked me how to get in touch with you and King Shamus. Something about free double downs.

    But seriously. Yeah, big brother is everywhere. Kinda creepy.

  2. I'm thinking that maybe the dog ratted on you. He'd called PETA who called the police, who called your boss.

    I can't really figure that one out either - why the police would call your boss? Makes no sense but is, as you say, creepy.

  3. I've had calls where I needed to track down someone for situations much like this. First they'll check their records for past contacts. If you've ever had contact with the local PD they'll have at least some contact info. They can also access files from any other local agency that you may have done business with. They will also ask neighbors, does anyone around you know where you work? A name and DOB/approximate age will give your DL info. From there it's easy to check for any vehicles registered to, alarm info, etc.

    Without something else happening I wouldn't get too wound up Inno. I've done the same where I was concerned there might be further escapes and I didn't want to have to kennel the dog. Wait a few days, if nothing else happens forget about it. Usually if I wanted to talk to the person I left a business card and asked for a call or went back later.

  4. Funny you should mention it, the police called me about King Shamus, your dog, and Manhattan Infidel. However, I was too busy eating free double downs to talk to them.

  5. Strange they contacted your boss. After hearing this story, I wonder if Batman is real.

  6. Glad your pup was rescued, and I doubt he was terrorizing anyone. But, I'm also glad he was discouraging strangers from investigating your property.

    As for the rest of it? I think I prefer not to think about that right now *fingers In ears* La la la la la! I can't hear you! I can't hear you!

  7. How did the po-leese know? Easy: Predators, the missile-carryin' kind. They're everywhere.

    Black helos to follow...

  8. Amusing. The cops knew who to call when a couple of my steers got loose. The boys hung a right, rather than a left. A left would have taken them into the woods. Instead, they were hanging around in the Thriftway parking lot. Maybe they had friends inside....

  9. I'll bet, while trying to find you, they came across Kevin Bacon...he is six degrees from everyone!


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