Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Corvallis drives me nuts

Remember a couple months ago when that Somali punk tried to blow up the Christmas tree lighting in Portland?  And then the next day his mosque here in Corvallis got torched? 
Mohammed the Somali Jihad Elf

Well, yesterday was "can't we all get along" day here in Cowvallis.  About 200 people gathered outside the mosque to participate in the planting of a "Peace Tree".  (SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING:  Gag-worthy multi-culti liberal crap at the link).  Supposedly there was some 5 year old kid who was so heartbroken by the arson that he decorated a brick and offered it to the Imam for part of the reconstruction and everybody cried the Happy Tears of Unity. 

Question:  What kind of ridiculous hippie mutant upbringing must a kid be subjected to, in order to already feel the pain of the poor muzzies at AGE FIVE!?!

Follow-up question:  What kind of ridiculous hippie mutant parents would make their kid paint a brick so that they, the parents, could get their names in the paper?

But ya know what really gets me?  Those 200 people didn't fit outside in the mosque's neatly manicured landscaping dirt with some bark dust on it.  And those dirty heathen sinners certainly aren't holy enough to be allowed inside.  Sooooo they spilled out onto the street.  In such numbers that the cops had to close Kings Blvd. 

I live on Kings Blvd.  I drive on it daily.  I had to take a one-block detour on my own [bleeping] street to get to Papa's Pizza for my granddaughter's 1st birthday party.  The gall of these people! 


  1. If only the kid had thrown the freaking brick through the mosque's window.

    He could have blamed George Bush.

  2. There's an answer to the Corvallis conundrum, Inno: Texas. Having lived in Oregon in Former Happy Days I understand the allure -- it USED to be a great place. But... Texas.

  3. The "peace tree" of today is the toothpick of tomorrow.

  4. Once upon time the Pacific Northwest used to be home to hunters and loggers. Now it's home the liberal overflow from California.

  5. Just remember kids, it's always Sarah Palins's fault.

  6. My Friend, my Friend ... had you just joined these people you wouldn't be feeling so hostile now. Isn't it nice to live in the kinder gentler part of Oregon?

  7. What kind of tree was it? I hope it's one that grows lots of leaves and then sheds them into the dirt-and-bark landscape come fall.

    Sorry. That's not very peaceful of me.

    Could you really manage to choke down pizza after witnessing all that "love?"

  8. BTW--welcome to the driving/parking arrangements around Moogie's Mansion during parade season!

  9. I think they should've brought a cross and star of David of peace and planted them deeply and permanently on the property.

    Here in Texas, I don't think we're that bad, but there are sure a lot of soft-headed ninnies here too. My oldest daughter lives in Austin, the capital of our Great Lone Star State, and she says it's so full of liberals, hippies and lily-livered goofballs that it makes her sick.

    So sorry you had to endure the general disregard for other people so often displayed by them who lovves people so much.


  10. ugh..u think thats bad?..try hangin out in NYC...terrorist wanna beez and kaffffiahs all ovah..Good God.

  11. All this time I figgered it was the rain that drives valley people nuts.

    So it now makes sense. If it continually rains, slugs will thrive and slink about with that gooey mess they liberally leave behind.

    And to agree with Infidel de Manahatta, yep slugs love to hide behind the bushes and then it's tough to git to em.


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