Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egyptian violence

Good Evening.  This is Anderson Cooper, live in Cairo with the latest updates about the present unrest and violence.  Let's get an on-the-street opinion from one of the locals.  That guy right over there...

Death to infidels!  Death to outfidels!  Death to Joooos! Death to Yankee imperialists!  Death to Red Sox imperialists!  Death to Shiites!  Death to Sunnis who aren't the exact same sect as me!

 Mr. Local Guy on the Arab Street, what are your thoughts about Mubarak and this revolt against his presidency?

Shut up!  You play for the wrong team!  That is an abomination!

Why did you hit me?  That wasn't very nice!  I assure you that I play for neither team.  I am only a neutral observer.

Shut up!  You assume a wide stance!  That is an abomination!

But, I don't get what you're...

Shut up!  When you travel, you pack clothing.  Also fudge.  This is an abomination!

Please stop hitting me.  Please.  Can you just answer some questions without hitting me?

Shut up!  You putt from the rough!  This is an abomination!

Now on that one you're flat wrong!  I chip from the rough!  But sometimes I do putt around the fringe.

Shut up!  When people at a basketball game say "swish" they are talking about you.  It is an abomination!

You've stopped hitting me. Is that because you are ready to embrace tolerance and democracy?

No! It is because my hand is sore!


  1. Aww, c'mon, Mr. Man on the Street! Man up, and punch his lights out some more!

  2. Was that ten times? Great job Inno!

  3. Where did ya get the punched-face AC graphic? That is too cool! As is the entire post, which goes without sayin'. But the graphic made the thing... IMHO.

  4. Moogie - I guess the Arabs ain't as tough as they'd like us to think

    Randy - Thanks. I was running out of gayish things to say so I didn't quite make it to 10.

    Buck - If you look for Islamic Rage Boy in google images you'll find many examples of this goon. Then I found a pic of AC and used KPT Goo to distort his mouth and squint his eyes. Combine the two and there ya go!

  5. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I took pleasure in hearing that AC had been boxed around.

  6. You know, if AC is getting the crap beat out of him, maybe violence IS the answer!

  7. OMG Inno...ha! o yea and stop starin at me...ur makin my infidel meter rise to dangerous levels Muuhamad!

  8. You are in the business of constantly topping yourself!

    Great job, again, and can I be next to hit Canderson OOper?

  9. Excellent work, Inno! You've captured the moment.


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