Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama, please zip it

Why, barry, why? Why did you have to flap your yap? Your beloved Chick-ah-go Bearsss already lost, so this would have been the PERFECT time to stay mute.

But no!  Staying mute is not an option for this grubworm.

The Immovable Object:  Pittsburgh Steelers defense

The Irresistable Force:  Shloppy kiss from Princess Barri

Now my Steelers have the curse of Obama on them.  Grraa!!  Who is able to overcome the ObamaCurse?  Every team he has rooted for has crapped out.  Every.Single.One.  Will the curse be finally broken?  Will the sun shine anew on our fair land?  Is the prodigious might and towering strength of the Steelers enough?  Can this be the ending of Obama's fell powers?

Stay tuned...


  1. Steelers? Is that some sorta construction-guy thing? ;-)

  2. Obama needs to shut his trap. The man is cursed and I can make a guess why. The man is immoral. I am rooting for the Steelers and hope they break the curse of Obama.

  3. I hate to tell you this, Inno, but you've got obummer cooties now, the curse of jonah!
    I guess the Packers will win.

    He is going to be showing his ugly mug too, in a taped interview during the game, so that will be doubly
    unlucky! I wish he'd STFU forever and go away.

  4. Did Barry just Cloward-Piven the Steelers?


  5. Guess I'd better put my moulah on Green Bay, seeing as Pittsburgh is officially doomed. In writing.

  6. ugh does he ever shut his pie hole! HAVE A SWEET SUNDAY dear friend!!:)

  7. Oh well. They might as well cancel the game and just run the commercials over and over. Sorry about your team, Pal.

  8. ha ha ha.

    Does it help any that your distress is a source of humor to me?


  9. If barry can start rooting for the Red Sox I can live with the curse.

  10. Nope!

    Sorry, Inno. The horse's ass screwed y'all.

    I just hope he NEVER becomes an LSU fan.

  11. Leave it to you idiots to blame a football loss on Obama. BTW, wasn't he rooting for the White Sox when they won the World Series?

  12. Anon, we're talking about "sports," not baseball.

  13. As long as Barry doesn't start rooting for the NY Giants or NY Rangers, it's all good in the hood.

  14. I'm with Anon on this one. You Obama haters are something else. In case you forgot or didn't know, President Obama picked the UNC Tarheels to win the NCAA basketball tournament in 2009 and they did. Are you going to play the same weak card you played against Anon and say college hoops is not a real sport?

  15. Malcolm,

    I would classify basketball as a real sport but since football has surpassed baseball in popularity I would say that basketball is not as popular as football.

  16. Teresa: As a sports fan, I am well aware that football is king in this country when it comes to popularity. However, what does that have to do with anything? Are you trying to say that because basketball is less popular than football, President Obama's correct prediction about the UNC Tarheels counts less?

  17. Malcolm,

    Nope. Sorry but your reading way too much into my comment. I don't pay attention to basketball. And, the only football team I really pay attention to is the Steelers. Other than that I don't pay attention to sports nearly as much as I used to.

  18. Teresa: Well what was the point of your comment?

  19. Malcolm,

    Well... let's see I said "basketball is not as popular as football." Just that more people pay attention to football.

    Let's see, did I mention one thing about the Tarheels ? Nope. Why are you looking to pick a fight for no reason? A little playing the victim card there? Obama is no victim either. In fact we're all victims of his weakening America on many fronts.

  20. Teresa: Trust me, I am not trying to pick a fight with you. Since my question was directed at "Innominatus", I was puzzled as to why you decided to break down the popularity of the 3 major sports in this country. The reason I asked "Innominatus" the question I did is because he tried to dismiss Anon's comment by saying baseball wasn't a real sport.

    The sentence in your last comment was awesome! People like you who suffer from ODS are an endless source of amusement to me.

  21. I think it should be noted that commenter Andy was the one who dissed on baseball. I'm still riding the buzz of my Giants winning the Series, so I'm not about to say anything bad about the National Pastime.

  22. Malcolm,

    Maybe when you mature, stop avoiding reality, and drinking that I love Obama Kool-Aid you'll wake up and see the error of your ways? I'm not holding out much hope though since you believe that America needs to be changed or "transformed" from being a great nation to down a notch or two so this nation can be just like other nations in the World, just like Obama believes. Or don't you?

  23. Innominatus: I stand corrected. My fault. Even though I'm not a huge Giants fan, I was pleased to see them win it all last season.

    Teresa: If you would learn to actually think instead of falling back on tired, right-wing talking points, you might realize you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to my feelings about President Obama.

    Speaking of maturity, you should try growing up yourself. Your side lost... a Democrat is in the White House. Deal with it.

  24. INNO??? INNO??? Did you hear that?

    Your side lost, so deal with it...


    Yeah, grow up and be mature like the lefties were when Dubya was in the White House.


  25. Malcolm,

    I have never seen such an immature and grumpy person even when their man won an election. Okay like you didn't complain and nitpick about Bush? Yeah right. Heck you can't even take a positive or an agreeable statement and not find something wrong with it. And, that's why for the most part it is a complete waste of time trying to converse with narrow-minded liberals like yourself. You think you are for diversity and diverse points of view but you really only listen to your point of view whereas I am open to listen to and debate all points of view whether I agree with it or not.

  26. Teresa: You're killing me! Let me first say that I misread your intentions in your first reply to me and for that, I apologize.

    You can speculate all you want about my feelings toward Bush, but it would just be that... speculation. On the other hand, there is evidence of the nastiness you have directed at President Obama and the First Lady:

    Saying President Obama needs to shut his trap just because he made a Super Bowl prediction.

    Commenting on Malcontent's blog that Michelle Obama "looks so stupid in that picture".

    If that isn't grumpiness and immaturity, I don't know what is!

    Although I was disappointed when George W. Bush was president, I didn't complain or nitpick over his every move. I think you actually wished it were true I did. That way, your blind, irrational hatred towards President Obama would be justified. Let me also add that I think former First Lady Laura Bush is a lovely woman. I'll even say that some of the criticism directed at George W. Bush was over the line. Can you say the same thing in regards to President Obama and First Lady Michelle?

    You are open to listening to/debating varying points of view?! I tell you what, put your proverbial money where your mouth is. How about reaching out to liberal bloggers and invite them to write guest posts for your blog?

  27. "looks so stupid in that picture"

    So? If she looks stupid then I'm going to call a spade a spade and not be lie and say she looks beautiful when she doesn't.

    "Saying President Obama needs to shut his trap just because he made a Super Bowl prediction." So? The curse of Obama stood and the Steelers lost so I was proven to be right.

    Would you really like to do a guest post?

  28. Teresa: Do you really think that the Steelers lost because President Obama picked them to win?

    You skipped over a question I asked you so I'll rephrase it and try again:

    Do you think there has been any criticism directed at President Obama and First Lady Michelle that has been over the line?

    Sure, I'll do a guest post on your blog. However, I don't know when I'll be able to write it. Can I pick the topic? In the meantime, I know some other liberal bloggers that might be willing to do a guest post for you right now. If you want, I'll ask them.

  29. Malcolm,

    The Steelers lost because of a combination of factors but I don't think Obama's picking the Steelers to win helped them.

    "Do you think there has been any criticism directed at President Obama and First Lady Michelle that has been over the line?"


    Sure you can pick a topic but I would like some idea of what it is before I post it. Sure, you can ask another liberal blogger to do a guest post.

  30. Teresa: Obama picking the Steelers to win neither helped nor hurt them.

    Thanks for answering my question about the Obamas. Maybe there's hope for you after all. :-)

    When a topic comes to mind that I think would fit with your blog, I will run it by you first. In the meantime, I've sent out an email to other liberal bloggers I know to see if they are interested in writing guest posts for you.

  31. Andy: I can't speak for the other lefties, only me. If bashing President Obama serves as a form of payback for you because of the injustices you feel Bush endured from the left, I hope it makes you feel better. When the next Republican is elected president, I'll confine my criticism to their policies. Throwing insults and nitpicking their every move would be a waste of my time.


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