Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Win Amazing Prizes!

OK, here's the deal. This is a real contest. There will be a real prize. Yeah, it won't be a million bucks. But it will be a real prize. Maybe a $20 gift card, something like that. I haven't decided yet. The contest will run until somewhere around the end of the year.

Here are the rules: Among the posts I put up, there will be ones with questions. Responses to the questions earn points. Your comment alone, even if it is hopelessly stupid, is worth one point - kinda like how putting your name on your SAT gets you points. Some questions will have point values openly associated with them. Here, a weaselly commenter could simply pick the answer with the highest value. But my readers aren't weasels; I'm confident in your honesty. Other questions will not have their points shown - only I will know. Yet other questions will be short answer/essay questions with purely subjective scoring. Just before the end of the contest, there will be a big-point Final Exam which could really shake up the rankings. I may also consider a booby prize for the one who chokes the worst. Correct answers will not be revealed until the end, allowing latecomers to go back to the beginning of the contest and catch up.

Why am I doing this? 'Cuz I really like my commenters. I don't get much traffic, but I get more comments than a lot of sites that get WAY more traffic. I think that is cool. Consider this contest a form of "thank you!" to everybody.

On to today's quiz!

Question 1. Do you own a multimeter?
  1. "What's a multimeter?" (0 points)

  2. "Yes, but I don't know how to use it" (-2 points)

  3. "Yes. I use it regularly. (5 points)

  4. "I used to. But I tried measuring innominatus' awesomeness and it blew up. (1 point. Don't be a suck-up)
  5. "No." (2 points for honesty)

Question 2. How intelligent is President Obeyme?
  1. Super smart. Like a mad scientist or 007 movie villain.

  2. Pretty smart. Definitely above average.

  3. Average at best. Definitely overrated.

  4. He's about as sharp as the wilted broccoli that's been in my 'fridge for a month.

Question 3. Which is the greater myth: Anthropogenic Global Warming, or that the Stimulus has actually created jobs? Explain.


  1. Wow, this is a cool Idea, Innominatus. Because I am a loyal reader and regular commentor, I just have to bite and enter your contest. Here are my answers.

    Q. #1 Answer is 3 Yes! I have wiring problems ;-)
    Q. # 2 Answer is 4. This is a no-brainer, just like Obummer.
    Q. # 3 Which is the greater myth: Anthropogenic Global Warming, or that the Stimulus has actually created jobs? (Explained below.)

    I think this is a tough one. They both are the biggest lies perpetrated on America since it's inception. But for sheer magnitude of lying, and length of time, resources, & energy expended to brainwash the WHOLE WORLD that global warming is actually real, instead of a GIGANTIC LIE, I'll go w/ the global warming. If G.W. was real, we'd be extinct by now, with all the hot air coming out of the likes of al bore and the liars in UK universities.

    Everyone knows the stimulus has not created ANY jobs, it has LOST jobs. Real unemployment is around 17 % now. So, that's a lie too! But the Global warming scam is world wide, and it is being exposed as we type for the massive fraud it is. I just did a cool post, complete with video, about this very thing!

    OK, I hope I am well on the way to winning valuable prizes, Lord knows I need some nice gifts this holiday season. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. #1 What was the question? Oh, never mind, my answer is #5. I know what is it, but I think I might hurt meself wit it.

    #2 I'm gonna have to go with choice #3. Overrated for sure. Don't get mee starrrteddd...

    #3 Dang. You must really want us two think. I don't know how I feel about that. I do figure the Globull Worming/Climactical Changitude is the greatest myth. It's just bigger. The Latvians could care less about our so-called stimulus. AS IF! The climate hoohah is truly global, and, if I were to speculate, which I do regularly, I would say the hot air that Gore Al spewz would be the main cause thereof.
    OMG, i didn't even read Bunni's before I wroted mine.

  3. Oh boy oh boy...

    Q1: No, I don't own a multi-meter. (is that like Malto Meal?)

    Q2: Clearly #4. Some might say, crazy like a fox, but that can't be since he doesn't see the tsunami he's creating.

    Q3: Easy. Global warming is the greater myth because the stimulus created the stimulus.gov web site and created jobs for monkeys who can't add or read a map.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Neat idea.

    Q1: Answer 4
    Q2: Answer 3
    Q3: Manmade global warming has yet to be proven, even with massive data collected by scientists. What modern science should admit is that they don't know everything, but will figure it out before fearmongering.

  6. Q1. 3 - I use it all the time. I like to make sure I'm getting my full 60 Hz from the power company.
    Q2. Gotta be 4, although i think Obama might be smart enough to get out of a fridge if he ever got locked in one. I mean, he's alive right now, isn't he?
    Q3. Well, first off, no one believes that the stimulus created jobs, so how can that be a myth if no one bought this malarkey in the first place? Anthropo-what? Does that mean monkeys cause global warming? If so, then I think this is a myth that a lot of people would buy, since there is a lot of anti-simian-itic hatred out there. This would have to be the greater myth.

  7. wow it's too early in the morning to think but i'll try...

    2=4..i almost said 1 cuz i think he's teh evil but i'll stick with 4.

    3 anthropogenic global warming because in the long run, this horrendous hoax will do tons of damage...loss of jobs, loss of industry, fees for footprints and who knows what else, loss of freedoms.

  8. We got us a horserace so far! First round of scoring has been posted, but entries are still being accepted so feel free to jump in. I'm thinking that by the end the winner will probably have around 300 pts, with many lead changes.

  9. Wow, I'm very happy to see I'm in the lead...hee hee.
    Lot's of great answers here, Innominatus. It is a horse race to be sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all your fun readers.

  10. Yaaa! Woo-woo!!! [crowd goes wild]

  11. Q #1- answer: A

    Q #2- answer: B

    Q #3- answer: I hope the Cowboys kill the Oakland Raiders today and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  12. On question #1: ohm, no. So 5.

    On question #2: I´m gonna say 1, in that he definitely has an evil "mad scientist/movie villin" type agenda, but also 3, because he´s already proved himself a dolt in many/most areas of policy and history, just to name two.

    Question #3: I´m gonna go with AGW being the greater myth, as it is more easily fit into any or all of the following Merriam-Webster defs (yes, I realize I'm taking all the fun out of that with my nerdiness). Also, millions more people have been deceived and hurt by it, and whole economies have been devistated because of it. While cleptocrats make out like the unscrupulous bandits they are.

    1 a : a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon b : parable, allegory
    2 a : a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone; especially : one embodying the ideals and institutions of a society or segment of society "seduced by the American myth of individualism — Orde Coombs" b : an unfounded or false notion
    3 : a person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence
    4 : the whole body of myths

  13. It's a measuring device used to measure voltage, resistance and continuity.

    It's also a great tool to check for ripple.

    I usually know how to use it. I've only broken one.

    Is regularly whenever needed? Then, yes.

    I now know what caused my previous multi- to blow up. Please remit my $109.95.

    Now...Question 2:

    He too closely resembles most of the learning impaired guys I know. Great verbal skills, but nothing else there. Mebbe the guy could sell used cars, but you wouldn't want him in your finance department. So, average at best. Definitively, overrated.

    Mythically? AGW. The Stimulus isn't anything more than an attempt to buy off SEIU and the teachers' unions. A good investment for the Left, but bad public policy.

    AGW? The only way you can believe is as an acolyte for the religion of the environment. Nothing else allows AGW to make sense.

  14. Yay! I'm playing ketchup!

    Q1: Where's the option for 'Yes, I have one, I know how, but hardly ever use it.'?
    Q2: PeeBo is definitely over-rated, but he's no dummy. The question is how much of the ridiculous results his programs produce were planned.
    Q3: The answer here is quite simple, actually. The stimulus has created few jobs, because of global warming. If the planet were not warming so drastically, the stimulus would have worked, we'd have -198% unemployment and Rethuglicans would be on death row for crimes against the planet.


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